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effective mask for prevention


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I am looking for a mask that might be protective for someone who needs to have exposure to unmasked people indoors.

Someone I love, with risk factors, is going to be in an indoor setting for an extended time period for an event in August.

I cannot find N-95 masks. 

Is there a non N-95 mask I could purchase that might provide good protection?

Or is there a mask pattern that provides good fit and pocket? I have shop toweling that I think can make good mask insert.  The homemade masks with pockets that I have to offer, though, have too much gap in fit for me to feel great about. 

I'm worried about my loved one. 

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About 10 minutes ago USPS delivered a 20 box set of KN95 (Chinese made) from a company called Wyze. These appear to be genuine KN95s that are CDC approved respirators. They run about $40 for 20.

I have not used one yet. They are individually sealed.


Our previous masks have been homemade ones sewn by a seamstress/fiber-artist friend of my wife's that are cute, but...

We have been pretty locked down, but I'm glad to have some KN95s.



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