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Update on the twins. Photos inside

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I think this has been harder than when I brought my own newborns home!  Both girls are 4lbs!  Not too bad for starting at 2lbs 10 oz.  They have had tub baths, breathed room air, tried non-nutritive nursing, had brain scans, lung scans & eye exams.  The most frustrating part has been when something is hinky, 

“This area of her lungs is cloudy”

”Their eye development seems to be delayed for their age and there is some swelling”

The recommendations is always “wait & see.”  That is my least favorite medical plan!

Because COVID cases are spiking here the NICU has changed their visitor plan last week, so that only one parent gets to visit at a time and for a limited time.  My SIL had a sore throat for 2 days last week so they required that he get COVID tested and both my Dd & SIL had to wait for the results before going back to the NICU.  It was a very long 4 days.  The test was negative and Dd was out the door on her way to the NICU almost before SIL hung up the phone.  

She got to hold them at the same time For the first time.

Freya told her dad all about her first tub bath through interpretive dance with a surprise punch in the nose at the end.

I have baked lactation cookies, lactation muffins, lactation baked oatmeal and lactation brownies, but have done zero of my school planning for Fall.

Amber in SJ







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They are as precious as they could be. I’m glad they are doing well, but sorry their parents can’t be with them all the time. That must be so hard. 

I loved the lactation cookies with chocolate chips 😊. I also had good success with moringa root capsules.

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I'm so happy to hear they are doing well.  Sorry to hear the parents can't be in the NICU at the same time.  Since you first announced their births I have thought of them often while holding my own Freya.  Many evening prayers have been said for them. Thanks for the update

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