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What counts as high school here?

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In Aus HS starts in grade 7 or 8 depending on the school.  I’m looking ahead and starting to think about grade 9 for oldest next year and realised we’re coming out the other end of the k-8 board.  I’m also having a minor freak out.  Homeschooling littles is one thing but these next years. 😬.  

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Here's the planning thread for those with 9th graders next year: "Anyone Planning for 9th grade 2020-2021?" so you can see what others are doing.

But in answer to your question:
Do you mean what grades are the high school years for the U.S.? That would be grades 9-12.

Or do you mean what grades for participating on the WTM high school board? You don't have to have any kids anywhere near those grades and participate on the high school (and the college!) board. Great stuff on these "big kid" boards, whether you're even homeschooling or not. 😄 

ome on in... the water's fine! 😄 And welcome to the "big board" 😉 

You might want to start "dipping a toe" in by reading some of the past threads linked in the big pinned thread "High School Motherlode #1". Page 1 has a lot of great "getting started" types of threads Here are some of those threads to get you started:

Reference threads
High School "Time Table" 
(deadlines + what to do/when in each year of high school and for college prep) 
What do "seventh" and "ninth" grade look like to you? (brain development and goals for the average student for grades 7-12) 
Could you point me to a list? (what type of classes "count" for what type of subjects/credits) 
Can you help me decipher some terms please? (defines: Honors, AP, “regular”, high school, and college) 

Preparing for high school (looking ahead from middle school)
If you knew then what you know now 
(what would you do differently for Logic stage years) -
High school parents: looking back what would be your ideal for 7th/8th grades 
8th grade goals: What skills do your kids need to practice before high school? 
Looking back (what you would do differently to prepare for high school work) 
How best to prepare for high school? 
Pressing through the middle years of homeschooling: how do you do it? 

Addressing Fears about homeschooling High School
The "There Will Be Gaps" thread things are starting to feel real 
To all you people with 8th graders (or there abouts) (encouragement of what to do in 8th to get ready) 
For those of you with 8th graders considering homeschooling high school (encouragement of what high school can look like) 
Will I ruin my kid's life by homeschooling for high school, and other questions 
Talk to Me About High School Fears (will my homeschool transcripts/records be accepted by colleges?) 
Teaching a high schooler next year.. I am terrified! (encouragement of what is needed, how to plan)
Approaching high school, confidence flying out the window (can I do it at home? what about outsourcing? extracurriculars?) 
How do you plan high school for the child that you've got? (big thread; how to support interests AND complete academic credits?) 
Please describe the reality of homeschooling high school (time commitment; typical day; what do you do) 

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