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What do you want to teach, specifically? My go-to for middle school General music, with little or no background and prior study,  is World Music Drumming mixed in with Jim Solomon’s D.R.U.M. and Mallet Madness if I have instruments, bucket drumming and found music percussion If not (Using the same books, but substituting instruments and skills as needed. But I’m an Orff teacher and therefore my focus tends to be to teach kids via playing, improv, and composition. This is great if you have kids of multiple skill levels or a multi-age group (I have had kids from age 6-17 and primer level to heading off for university music study in the same group class at music camps before, and this is where I start). 

If I had mostly kids who are already musicians, I’d look at reading level. My favorite music lit textbooks are college texts, but are accessible to high school and, since this is the AL board, probably many middle schoolers. “Listen” is a good one, but does tend to be a little DWEAM focused, so you would want to expand on the sections and add more women and composers of color, even within the Western music tradition. 

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