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Glasses fog up with masks- how to stop that?


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3 minutes ago, kand said:

Yep. If you have a good fit with no gaps, it shouldn’t happen. You want to be sure you have a mask with a strong nose wire. 

lol ok- I just posted about what type of nose pieces to order- only have pipe cleaner ones now and they don’t stay tight enough for me

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1) good nose wire

2) paper tape along top edge

3) anti fog treatment on glasses

4) a piece of tissue (or TP (maybe that’s why TP was selling out?)) folded into a strip and placed up along top edge of mask inside (helps both seal and adsorb moist exhaled air)

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Wear the mask as close to your eyes as possible, so that it comes up under your glasses. Then the bottom of your glasses should rest on the mask, which helps to provide a little bit better seal and prevent air from flowing up.

Washing with dish detergent has an anti-fogging effect. I use Dawn; I don't know if other brands work as well. I wash the lenses and then just lightly dab with a microfiber cloth to remove the excess water. You don't want to wipe them much after washing, because you want a tiny bit of the dish detergent on them.

I do the above when wearing masks without nose pieces and they work well.

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