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I have the Apologia Chemistry 2nd edition textbook. I want to use Apologia's Student Notebook, but it is only available in 3rd edition. Will my textbook match the student notebook questions and experiments?  Thank you!

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Given that those 2 editions were done by different authors and changed up a lot (not just a little),  it's not likely to be easy to use 3rd ed notebook with 2nd ed text.  Maybe there's someone who has done that and will see this thread and give input.  But it seems unlikely.

Idea instead as substitute:  You might look into the old 2nd edition "lapbook journal" from Knowledge Box Central and use it as notebook style instead of lapbook.   here https://knowledgeboxcentral.com/collections/apologia-science-supplements/products/apologia-exploring-creation-with-chemistry-2nd-edition

Back in the day, I used some of those knowledge box central "apologia based" products before apologia even had student notebooks.  I never made them as lapbooks, but used the lap report pages and just wrote on the study guide sheets. 

ps:  check on prices of the pdf/ebook version over on christianbook.com .  probably less expensive.  and they sell the pre printed version (seems pricey).   but given how different 3rd edition is from 2nd, I'd try to 2nd edition stuff on that product specifically.  some

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