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Memoria Press ELA question


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Perhaps those of you that use Memoria Press can clarify something for me. What exactly is the difference between the Core Phonics books and the First Start Reading Books? From a glance, Core Phonics seems similar to Explode the Code. The First Start Reading are described as "The worktexts are about half letter presentation, blending, and reading practice and half writing practice". Are the First Start Reading books then just more of what's in Core Phonics + writing practice? Does this seem redundant?  

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I've only used 1st grade phonics and older, so I can only speak to FSR book E in the 1st grade package.

Yes, I definitely agree with @Paradox5 in getting the lesson plans and the teacher's guide since it has the phonics helps in there and what you should review.

I think you could take or leave the Core Phonics supplement.  I used it because my girl was a very slow reader and needed all the reinforcement we could fit in.

FWIW, I was incredibly happy with MP's 1st grade phonics and the spelling.  I firmly believe that their heavy phonics work and repetition is what finally helped reading click with my youngest girl.  Their whole 1st grade program was just the perfect thing for her.

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