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I'll begin by saying that I kniow AZ is spiking and I know it is almost July and sweltering there. With that said... My 17 year old son is flying out to visit my parents in AZ July 4th-18th. They live about 40 minutes east of Phoenix. 

Is there anything safe he can do outside? They live near Usery Mountain Park, Lost Dutchman Park... 

Most of his time will be with my parents at home, but wonderd if there was anything he could do in fresh air in a not crowded place. 

My parents have lived there for a few years, but aren't the type to really get out.


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I’m in Tempe. If your parents were the type to get out I would have some suggestions, but since they are not....do they at least have a pool? Swim? That’s pretty much it for outside.

If he had access to a bike he could get out early am or in the evening to go for a bike ride. It’s been in the low to mid 70’s in the early AM lately, but will likely not be that nice in July.

My teens are pretty much inside all day doing various online camps/Summer school/gaming with friends. 

About once a week I drag everybody up north to get to where it is 10-20 degrees cooler (Payson, Prescott, etc.) and do a hike. Hiking at Usury or Lost Dutchman would be no fun right now. Boyce Thompson Arboritum might be ok in the early hours of the day. 

Canyon lake is not too far away from your parents. I’m not sure if the marina and picnic spots have reopened (I’m guessing they have) but we saw lots of people parking along the road and walking to the water a couple of months ago. But he’d have to be able to get there. 

Sorry, July is a crummy time to be here. 👎🏻

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Agree, if he is trying to avoid indoor places like museums, most outdoor activities need to be done before 11-12 depending on his adaptability. If he's coming from a high-humid environment he may not feel the heat as hot as it is, and not drink enough water. Traveling to a more mountainy area is also a good idea for outdoor activity, but if your parents need/want to stay close to the house not too much to be done. 

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