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Masterbooks General Science 1 Lab supplement suggestions

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I am planning to use the Masterbooks General Science 1 Series for my 9th grader. This is a high school credit introduction course to Earth Science Concepts. General topics include: Ocean, Astronomy, Weather, Minerals. If these books are like Masterbooks' General Science 2 [Archaeology, Geology, Fossils, Cave] course that I used last year, it will be a challenging course and very appropriate for 9th grade. The content from both of these years is an in-depth look at Earth Science. I am looking for a lab supplement that related to weather, astronomy, basic periodic table/geology, and oceans - if possible. I live inland so the labs for ocean related things need to be not dependent on access to an actual ocean.


Has anyone already come up with a lab add on for this course?  I have also sent an email to the publisher if they have any recommendations. I need to add in hands on activities, basic chemical equations, and some additional papers, videos etc to include a lab component.

One idea that I have, is to pull labs activities from Apologia Physical Science and add them in.  The content has enough overlap that this might work for a few activities.

I appreciate any suggestions!

Thank you!


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Agreeing that I'd name the course as Earth Science instead of "general".  I added lab stuff to each of our science years because that's the fun part of science, right?  When youngest did Earth Science (using some of the books in that bundle you linked to), I used stuff on this link for some of our earth science labs and demos https://www.fusd1.org/Page/3999

and some other stuff that I'd have to dig up and link later. maybe that's enough of a start?

ps: I sent you a PM with what was my plan/records that year with youngest in grade 9. Mostly my picks from that link of what we did, and where we added in field trips and how we used web cams for oceanography and tide charts since we're not by the ocean. We really could tell the difference from select web cams at the beach with tides.  kinda cool.


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I am planning to name this some type of Earth science name. The content from both years is the same as my state's description for Earth Science. My state will not count Physical science as a high credit - even though the content is similar.

Cbollin - thank you for the link and the message. I will check them out. 🙂

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