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Remember my flood.....this group was the hands and feet of Christ


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About 4 weeks ago my daughter's new apartment in my basement flooded due to record high water levels here ....and 11 inches of rain in less than a week.  

I had tons of help then.  Tonight a friend, her husband, son and 25 MORE people from their church came and put on drain tile, replumbed the sump pump, removed all the trim, doors, flooring and cut the dry wall up 2 ft to get rid of the mold.   All in under 2 hours.   

It looks like a huge mess but what a blessing.  Disheartening to see a remodel less than 6 months old torn apart....but what a blessing to have 25 people (teens and adults) volunteer their time to come help people they don't even know 

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That is such a blessing!  We had a similar experience when our family was away from our home for an entire year due to critical medical needs.  During the dead of winter, our heater went out and two of our main water pipes burst and our home flooded.  A friend was checking on our house once/week and discovered it.  A team from our church came in and did all of the initial draining and cleaning.  They then hired the carpenter and oversaw the entire rebuilding of walls and floors in our kitchen and bathrooms.  They were all angels!  By the time we returned home, everything was done.  

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That is such a blessing.  We felt the same way after the Memorial Day tornado that hit our neighborhood a year ago.  We were so stunned--so many trees were down, debris was everywhere, the house was a mess--and a large local church sent teams into our neighborhood with chainsaws.  We had 18 young men and women (early twenties, most were, I'd say) in our yard.  There were maybe 4 with chainsaws, and in an hour or two, they had chopped up 5 big trees that had fallen in our yard and dragged them out to the curb.  It would have taken us weeks to do it all, assuming we could even find one chainsaw. 

I used the same phrase to my younger kids--they were the hands and feet of Christ--and it brings me to tears to think about even now.  I was so overwhelmed.  And it still took months and months to recover.  But their selfless service was such a huge encouragement to me, and I know how you feel!  ❤️

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My son and his friend have both gone on mission trips for hurricane relief and other things like that.   This shows that you can be a blessing just a few miles from home as well.

I can say, I would much rather be the person working in someone else's home/yard than to be the person who has everyone here helping me.   I need to work on that pride/I do it myself thing.

But last night was such a blessing.

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