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Need suggestions for online Calc AB course

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I'm searching for online Calc AB courses for DD. She has done extremely well in Derek Owen's online courses for Alg 2 and Precalculus. We could continue using DO for Calc AB, but we think she would need an online class to help keep her on track to finish the course before the AP exam. She's a kind of kid who would not do well with too much busy work. We've heard from other students that the TPS Calc AB course is like that.

DD is having a pretty busy schedule for the fall: AP Eng Lang, AP Phys 1&2, AP Calc AB, Lukeion Latin 5 (Independent Study), AP European History, plus one elective TBD.

Any suggestions for online CalcAB courses that are good without a lot of busy work? Asynchronous would be great. If live classes, then would prefer ones where the teacher records the sessions for later review.


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