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BJU 7th Grade - Anyone used the full grade?

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After spending weeks looking at everything available for 7th grade, my head is spinning.  I put together a full plan, but now I'm looking at BJU 7th grade and thinking it looks really good!  Have any of you actually used the full 7th grade textbook kit?  My daughter does not like the DLO option.  We've tried it for Math in the past and it was a nightmare.  She didn't learn anything for months.  My alternative is to go with the plan I originally came up with, although, I feel overwhelmed with it.  Anyone care to critique my plan or offer their experience using BJU 7th?


BIBLE - CAP God's Great Covenant OT1 (with little sister)

HISTORY - Notgrass From Adam to Us

SCIENCE - Apologia Gen. Sci (2nd edition) with Lab Kit

MATH - Considered using R&S 6 for a solid overview of elementary arithmetic

WRITING COMP - Write Shop 1

GRAMMAR - Analytical Grammar

SPELLING AND HANDWRITING - Considered using R&S (She's a terrible speller and her writing has always been awful)

LATIN - I Considered using First Form Latin and I would do it with her, but now I'm thinking that would just be too much!

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I totally understand being overwhelmed with the plan and having decision fatigue.  It can be so paralyzing! 😟

What makes you feel overwhelmed about your original plan?  I think I'd work on this part first before changing to a different plan.

I can speak to a couple of your original plan subjects...

Math with R&S 6 - My 13yo just finished up 7th grade, and she worked her way through R&S 6 and started Pre-Algebra in April.  It was absolutely the best thing she could have done and really shored up her math facts and the four operations.    She was so, so happy she worked through R&S 6 because she's much more confident in her math abilities.

R&S Math is predictable, the Teacher's Manual is excellent for drill, and it's just plain solid.

Latin - I can't say enough good things about First Form Latin.  I taught it to myself this year, staying several weeks ahead of my daughter.  It's very doable as a 7th grader, and as a mom.  I made a point to do every single thing the Teacher's Manual said to do and we are both pretty solid in Latin now.  I had my own workbook to practice through and I made sure we did a full recitation together at least once a week.

There's a (paid) adult crash course in First Form Latin via MPOA this summer: https://www.memoriapressacademy.com/catalog?pagename=FFL-Int-2020 So that might be an option for you.

I'm taking the Second Form version of that class so I can get a jump start on the year.  I will be teaching my 10th grader, and his classes will consume the bulk of my mental energy and I won't have as much for learning Latin.

Spelling and Handwriting:  This is going to sound crazy, but I had both my 5th and 7th graders work though Traditional Spelling II from Memoria Press.  You would only need to purchase the TM and Student Guides for each girl.  The TM is where you'll find how to color code the phonogram chunks and other teaching helps.

It wasn't babyish at all (except for that penguin) and the instruction is so solid.  I have seen huge improvements both girls.  But we did every. single. thing. listed in the manual.

I like R&S Spelling, but my girls needed more direct phonics instruction than what R&S offered at the time.  They both seem to be 'phonics resistant' if there is such a thing.

Hugs to you as you figure it out! 

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I guess I’m overwhelmed because my younger daughter still needs so much from me. She’s 10 yo, but at a 2nd grade level. (Legally blind, learning delays, Chronic health issues...)  I feel like I wouldn’t have a solid day by day plan with my choices. That’s definitely what is so appealing with BJU. It’s all laid out with a very clear plan. 

I really appreciate the comment on R&S Math 6. That does give me comfort!

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