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Dr. Hive - water trapped in ear, what to do


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Yesterday, my dh was working under a sink on a drainage line and the dirty water in the line broke free and dumped directly in his ear. He was not able to move that quickly to try and get it out and it has remained trapped in his ear. 

Yesterday, he used warm compresses on the ear to try to draw it out, and I put several drops of Hydrogen Peroxide into his ear last night and this morning. I do think this will help avert bacterial infection from the dirty water, but it so far has not helped release the water. Oh, also, the homeowner whose sink he was working on put some drops of Swimmer’s Ear medication in there for him but that did not dry out or release the water. 

I expect if it is still there tommorow, he will call a doctor, but if anyone has any ideas what else to do, I’m all ears, lol! 

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15 minutes ago, Seasider too said:

Is it possible he has some debris stuck in there?

That is the main thing he is worried about. It is possible because it was the dishwasher drain line, which has food particles and junk in it usually. 

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If it is liquid, what I do to get out stuck water is to stand up and bend over at the waist and lower my head as far as I can (I am not a flexible person). I turn my head so that the clogged ear is towards the ground. Then I stand up as slowly as possible. For some reason this combination of movement almost always gets water out but sometimes i have to do it 2 or 3 times...I learned it from a coach when I was a competitive swimmer.

All bets are off if there's gunk in there, though.

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5 hours ago, Seasider too said:

A few drops of rubbing alcohol may help dry things as it evaporates. Lying with that ear  downward can also help, as well as pulling on his earlobe while tilting his head to that side. 

This. Peroxide turns back into water as soon as it stops bubbling, so it really is just putting MORE water into the ear. To dry out an ear, you use alcohol. 

Now, because this was dirty water, I'd irrigate it first. You can get an over the counter ear wax kit, and use that. It will help flush out any gunk and the drops are designed to dry it out. 

Oh, and first thing I'd do is what I do when I get water in my ear - Turn that ear down, tug on the ear lobe to open the ear, and then jump up and down a few times. You feel like an idiot, but I swear it works! Have to pull on that ear lobe though. 

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