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The girls are doing well.  One doctor said Freya doesn’t seem to know that she was born early and is small.  Eliza is struggling to fully inflate her lungs but wait and see seems to be the usual NICU mode, which I totally understand.  Yesterday they were one week old so my baby got to hold her baby for the first time.

pictures 1 & 2 are Freya’s feet doing baby ballet and pictures 3 & 4 are Eliza holding her own binky and giving the stink eye if you are coming to change her tiny diaper.

I am still waiting to meet them.

Amber in SJ





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How precious.  💗 Thanks for the update.  I hope you get to hold them soon.  Dh and I have a grandbaby coming in late August.  I am praying things are stable by then. 

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