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Has anyone used any of the language arts books for 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade? Does the student use them independently? We are on our third go around with MCT. We are currently using Level 4 (Literature). I notice that this level is shorter than the others. We plan to use Magic Lens I midyear. 

Would one level, minus the writing book, be considered 1 credit English? I am trying EIW for the first time in conjunction with MCT. I'm guessing it's 1 credit with EIW and MCT (minus Academic Writing I). 

Would love any feedback about the high school levels and how it works for you and/or child at home. Thanks!

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I have a kid who has used the first 5 levels by the end of 8th grade.  Our current plan is to take a co-op class for the literature/discussion and then work through the last 2 MCT levels at our own pace over the next 4 years (and we may finish it far faster than 4 years).  I have always adapted his writing assignments to fit my needs - if the assignment is to work on a persuasive essay, we might use something from history as a topic, for instance.  My kids really like his vocabulary, and one loves the poetry (and my 'uses words like an engineer' kid has developed an appreciation, if not an enjoyment) but I mostly have my older read that on his own and then we discuss.  The grammar part is certainly plenty of grammar.  I wanted my older to do more writing than the 4 assignments in level 5, but combined with the co-op lit assignments and my history assignments it was plenty and I liked the things that he pointed out.  My biggest issue would be the lack of literature - we don't use the trilogy because we've often read some of the books, but I'd want my kid to read more than 3 each year.  But, literature would be easy to supplement.  

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