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Babies are here photos inside

Amber in SJ

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they are so cute!  Congratulations Grandma!  💗

My niece also has a baby in the NICU - born at 25 weeks.  It was very scary the first couple of weeks but she is getting stronger everyday.  Added to all that is the COVID protocols and baby being transferred to a non-covid hospital.  

I hope little Freya and Eliza continue to get stronger everyday and can come home sooner than expected.  

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Congratulations.  They sound like some smart little girls.

My niece  wiggled around her incubator so much, she rubbed her feet raw.  They did a C-section at 30 weeks because she tied her umbilical cord up in two (yes two) true knots.  (so much for all the medical personnel that tell you that's impossible.)

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For babies not even 3 lbs yet, they look fantastic! It's amazing how smart they are already with figuring out how to outsmart the doctors and nurses. Love the names, too! They are so darn cute! I think I've hit my exclamation quota for the day, but oh my, how seriously wonderful are they.  💗💗💗


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