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Transitioning to classical homeschooling particularly WTM FLL & WWE/S

Lacey Dawn

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My kiddos will be in 6th & 3rd grade next year. I've pretty much got the rest of our curriculum worked out EXCEPT language arts. We haven't been very classical and really want to do a more WTM/classical approach next year. I think it will greatly benefit both my kiddos.
Is there anything (blog, article, flow chart, interpretive dance) that explain how to transition? What levels do we start, which do we skip or move faster or slower? Take First Lang. Lessons. My 8 year old hasn't had formal grammar or writing yet. He's followed along with his brother while watching IEW but its time for more. He's still an emerging reader but going through a big leap in ability right now. Do I start with FLL1 then skip to 3? What about WWE?
My 11 year old is working through IEW SICA (older program) right now. When he finishes IEW do we go to WWE?

tldr: I'm struggling with how to transition to a more classical homeschool eduction using WTM.

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If your 8yo doesn't have much experience with grammar and especially narration/dictation, I wouldn't start past FLL2 and WWE2. WWE in particular ramps up quick, and level 3 is a pretty big jump from level 2. Level 4 is even bigger -- lots of older kids struggle with it and many families don't do it at all. Levels 1 and 2 of both programs cover basically the same skills, so I personally think you'd probably be fine starting at 2. But you can check out the assessments at the end of level 1 if you're not sure; they should be on the WTM website.

I am not that familiar with IEW so I can't say for sure, but IMO most 11yo's will be bored with WWE. Assuming he can summarize a short passage and doesn't have trouble remembering what he needs to write before he can write it, he's probably good to move on to WWS or whatever writing program you choose.

Remember that you don't have to make a major shift to be a "classical" homeschooler. In the end, it's mostly about mindset, emphasizing a language-rich curriculum that encourages a lot of reading and writing and speaking. You don't have to worry about doing things perfectly. 

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