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Workbook for Arguments - logic and not writing?

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So...My oldest is going into 9th grade, and I'm slowly dipping my toes into planning for high school.  She's done WWS 1-3 and I am pretty sure we are going to pick up W&R for a bit of a change of pace/lighter writing focus so we can do other things of interest.  Next year I have planned for her to work through They Say, I Say. (I THINK.)

Knowing that she will also be writing for history and science, and likely literature (I haven't made that plan yet), will adding in Workbook for Arguments be too much?  She has done Art of Argument and Discovery of Deduction at a fun co-op class (so not to complete mastery, but familiar).

Background, she is very strong in LA and writes fan fiction on her own time.  She will be taking Literary Lessons through Lord of the Rings (which I'd guess she'll fly through, looking at it), History of the Ancient World with the guide, homemade lit, Bio at FundaFunda, CLC 3, Saxon Alg 2, and W&R 5-7.  I'm aware that this looks like an LA heavy year but this is what she loves.  She wants to be a copy editor (and maybe eventually author).

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Look at Rhetoric Alive instead of W&R and Workbook for Arguments. It kind of covers what you would need from both. It's more fun with a couple of kids if you can round up someone else.

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