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Marginal Revolution University?

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Has anyone used this for economics? There's not much of a description of what the courses include and I don't feel like going through every lesson to add up the hours included in the many little videos. There's a lot- I went through the first 2 lessons and the videos ranged from 5-15min so it's hard to estimate what the entire course would include. I'm choosing between this, The Great Courses, and a MIT open course for Economics next year. The rough plan is to do lectures from somewhere, read and go through chapters and questions in a textbook, and maybe pull from the AP teacher books, do some games, a book review or two, a couple short essays, and 1 long paper. Is Marginal Revolution an equal choice compared to The Great Course lectures or a full semester of university lectures, or is it more of a supplement? The site is run by economics professors and they say it's university level.

If you haven't looked at MRU recently, they seem to have a lot more than they did a few years ago and they include practice questions and an exam. I think my students would prefer the format of shorter lessons followed by little practice questions that MRU has compared to long lectures with all practice and discussion at the end. With little background in economics, however, I'm not sure how to evaluate if it's enough. Timothy Taylor- The Great Courses- gets great reviews and seems a solid choice, but it's old and I'm unsure if they have subtitles. I've seen complaints that it doesn't cover the 2008 recession and recovery.The MIT course is probably fine and it has answer keys and the readings with syllabus, looks relatively easy to follow, but the video quality is not the best. They have a video transcript which is better than nothing, but it's not subtitled. It's also from 2011, so maybe a little dated, and is only microeconomics. 

We don't intend to take the AP tests but the kids may want to be able to pass a CLEP test.

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