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Jodi in FL-- are you here?

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I took my kids to see my sister who is going blind at age 43 from retinitis pigmentosa, she lives in Michigan, and I hadn't seen her in 2 years, and we hadn't seen snow in 4 years. Then, my MIL, who is recovering from open heart surgery, fell and broke her hip, so we drove from MI to PA to see her, picked up dh from the airport there, and drove home Tuesday.


I felt bad the first time I checked in on your blog was a contest, but I commented anyway since I never win contests---I prayed during much of the trip, and you were one of the ones I prayed for and I wanted to let you know. HOpe you're doing well.


I also saw your post about kids close together and my first 3 were born within 2.5 years. It was tough at the time (I was a MOPS co-ordinator, taught women's Bible study, my dh and I were junior high leaders, was on the Womens Ministry Committee---what was I thinking?) and yet, at 28 years old, never gave it a thought that it was too hard. I just couldn't take them all grocery shopping at first (the 3rd one was sick, it was winter, and I wasn't supposed to take him out for the first 3 months of his life).


good memories. You'll be fine. You have older, helpful kids, you are a seasoned, wiser mom. You know what the important things are, and you'll have the summer months to figure out a new schedule. It really helped to schedule their major things together, even if it meant waking someone up from their nap in order to do so (an elderly lady in our church at the time recommended "My first 300 babies" which I still have, if you want to borrow it, but you already know much of the scheduling advice it gives.)


thanks for asking about me, I find this type of board is hard to keep up with those people I "know",


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What a trip! You are a brave mom, and I commend you for making such good memories with your kids.


Thanks TONS for the encouragement. I think this is the best time to have babies so close, because you're right-- the older kids are so helpful. But I hadn't thought about the summer, etc. Thanks again.


Glad you're back! And don't feel bad about commenting on the contest. It's a good one!

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