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Mapping the Body with Art? Other Anatomy?

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Has anyone done this course? Anatomy is our back up plan for a DE lab science that might go away/ go online. We already had one DE course cancel on us this year.

I had also looked at Oak Meadow's (on sale right now) Anatomy course, and it's what we ended up doing "home brewed" for most of  Health (The Anatomy chapters from Holt Biology). I don't feel like that's enough for a full-fledged Anatomy course, though. We did some labs from anatomy this year, too, because we had already done a lot of regular bio labs. Dd is considering Biomedical Engineering, so I would a solid intro to anatomy if we do it as a formal course.


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I teach Anatomy at our co-op and use the Apologia text. I’m a physician and the Anatomy portion of it is very solid. I don’t love the way they insert references to God into the text, but as a Christian it isn’t a non-starter for me. 

For labs, we use slides from websites that have their slides online. It’s fairly easy to find with a Google search. Many med schools have their slides online now. I think if I was doing it at home I would want my kid to known how to use a microscope, but if they already knew how the online slides are actually much better for identifying structures than what you will be able to see on a slide at home. We also do three dissections (cow’s eye, sheep’s heart, fetal pig) which you can buy at Homeschool Science. They have very good dissection guides as well. I think it’ a fairly easy class to do at home, especially if you’ve already done some of it. 


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