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Hi! I have been full time working outside the home mom. I recently put in my notice at work for lots of reason, but the main reason is to be with my children. 

My kids are currently enrolled in private school (boy girl twins that are 7 and my youngest son is 4). Obviously, the pandemic impacted their education the latter half of this semester and I’m very concerned about the quality of education they are receiving remotely from our school. The costs (time and $$) just do not seem worth it!

I have decided to give homeschooling a go this summer to help my kids continue to learn and grow, but also because I can not repeat what happened this year. My children are too bright and creative to be learning virtually on zoom for one hour a day and then busy work packets that are WAY too easy for them. 

I’m eager to meet other homeschoolers, and to get my kids to love learning again. Eager to learn from all of you. This is slightly scary for me as I have ZERO teaching experience and have no idea what I’m doing!

Is there a homeschooling for newbies/dummies book? 🙂

Thanks for having me!

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These forums are named after a book by Susan Wise Bauer entitled The Well Trained Mind.  It's one among many great books that can help you define the way you want to homeschool. 

If you want more recommendations, you might search or post on the education board, where more people will see your question.  🙂 

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