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Best K programs for kids on the spectrum?


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My daughter has a son on the spectrum. He'll be 5 in a few weeks. He knows a lot, but of course doesn't communicate it all really well. She really wants to start doing some school with him. He doesn't understand some concepts you see in a lot of beginner workbooks, like ordering pictures and things like that, but he memorizes well, can write and identify all letters, knows numbers at least to 20, etc. They've never done anything formal.

Are there any programs that would work especially well for a child like this? He's super into sensory stuff. Manipulatives may work well for him, but she does have two older kids and an infant. I do most of the older kids' school with them, so that would certainly allow her more time with him (they live right next to us). I'm just looking for input on where to begin.

FWIW, he does/will go to group speech twice/week and will likely go to OT as well, but of course that's all been affected for now.

Thanks for any input! 

Gonna post this on the general education board also, so maybe someone with older kids who have been here will see it.

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CSMP maths was the reason my dd with poor verbal skills learned any maths at all, but we weren't able to start it that young. We actually attempted MEP R three times first, then moved onto CSMP K.

Video was useful too. I had her watch Education Unboxed a lot.

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