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Jenn in CA

Grammar Review curriculum suggestions for 10th grade

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Planning for next year.... my rising 10th grader needs grammar, that won't take more than once a week but covers all topics: POS, phrases, clauses, maybe diagramming. Punctuation & mechanics aren't necessary.

Mainly I want her to become familiar w/the terminology; she is a good writer & uses good grammar, but knowing "what everything is called" would be helpful, esp for advancing in Latin/other languages.

We used Easy Grammar (red? not sure what level this was) this year but didn't get very far, only about 1/3 thru the book, and it had waaaay too many exercises and they were too repetitive. But, some exercises are needed I think to retain the info. 

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Beginning September 1, I'll be teaching an online class based on my text The Writer's Guide to Grammar.  It meets once per week and by the second semester gets into issues that even professional journalists routinely trip over.

A number of students are doing this course as prep for my writing course Logical Communication.

I'm happy to answer questions!

—Roy Speed

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