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Creative Business Name - Help!


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4 minutes ago, goldberry said:

Someone suggested "over the ledge" but is that too vague or would anyone make the connection?  We live in a mountain area so the phrase "over the edge" is common.


You need to consider you're entire brand. Will there be a bookshelf in the logo? Because if so you can have a vague name. Otherwise you need to be more specific. You can also twist a name like Books Over The Edge. That sounds like a bookstore, but you get the point. I said Last Name Holdings, but Last Name Book Holdings might be better.

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16 minutes ago, rebcoola said:

Shelf help.

The shelf=self thing could be cute if the branding is light hearted.

 "Shelf" help for all your storage needs.

You don't need to do it your "shelf"!  Let us design exactly what you need.

We want to make you "shelf" confident!

(I had a name idea but forgot it!)

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I made the mistake of being a bit too creative with a business name, and the name does not jump out at my target audience. I truly think it's better to name a business something very boring but explicit, over clever but unclear. To my dismay, no one really wanted to unwrap the nuances of why I chose my clever name, lol. It had a lot of personal meaning to me, in that it expressed my attitude toward learning, but, as it turns out, no one cares. 

Over the Ledge: nope, does not make people think of shelves or storage at all, imo. Bookish Creations does not even make me think of bookshelves, it makes me thing you create some type of book.  

So, from what has been suggested here, I like Wonderland Woodworking and Shelf Solutions. If you are only or mostly going to do shelves, then Shelf Solutions it is. I do think Wonderland Woodworking sounds lovely and people would assume you make shelves, but if you aren't aiming for products other than shelves, I'd probably go with something like Shelf Solutions. Again, add a tagline to elaborate, but the business name should be short, easy to remember, and clearly state what you do. 

I do like Shelf Help and I think you could get creative with it, but I'm a bit afraid people would read it as Self Help and ignore it. Or call you for a seminar, lol. 

Basically, I am a sad convert to simple and straightforward names (for small businesses in particular). Shelving Solutions, Goldberry's Shelves, Shelves Shelves Shelves, make sure the name tells people what the heck you do. 


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I wouldn't do over the ledge/edge in the name, because it gives a visual of things falling off the shelf.

I am dyslexic and struggled with the shelf/self names. You want to be easily identified and found on the internet. Those would be too easy to mix up to me. 



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