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Teens and work during the pandemic

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BK21 was teaching swim at a private school and life guarding at a different pool It looks unlikely that will be an option this summer, however  she has still been paid for one of the jobs, fortunately. She is hoping to pick up a nanny-type job this summer since most of the camps are closed, but things are reopening. 


DD15 was teaching online anyway. She will be spending the summer revising her classes for next year. 


BK14 was volunteering at a vet clinic, which has been stopped for now. 


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5 hours ago, Ktgrok said:

Ok, so what do they pay them? By the rock? The hour? The bucket full?

I have been picking lava rocks (the landscape kind) out of my yard for a year, and actually gave myself a bad case of synovitis digging them out of the ground with my fingers. I need some kids to hire! (I didn't pay well enough for my own kids to do more than a bucket full..sigh)

Lol. These aren't buckets of rocks. They are filling wagons driven by big tractors.

My boys are paid $8.75-$15 per hour, depending on the farmer, age, and condition of the field. One farmer pays high school kids more than jr high kids. One farmer hires kids he likes, pays them well, but gives fewer hours. One farmer pays more for difficult fields. Some farmers provide food, some do not. All provide transportation for the kids who don't drive.  My 16yo won't pick for under $10/hour. My 13yo can't demand as much money (hasn't hit puberty yet), so he will probably be stuck with the $8.75/hour farmer.

They can pick before planting and until the plants are too tall to drive the tractors (but not when fields are wet), so not a big window of opportunity. Independent crews are odd numbers of kids and supervised crews are even numbers. One kid/supervisor drives the tractor and then the pickers are split evenly between right/left sides of the wagon. The days are long, hot, and dirty.

My 16yo is currently on a five guy crew, and they are working independently. I think he actually enjoys this crew job where the guys call their own shots - which field, hours, etc. He does not like working for farmers who don't allow those freedoms and/or on crews that don't include his buddies. 

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