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Grammar program advice please

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My oldest will be in fourth grade when we pick school back up this summer; we've homeschooled since K.  Last year, for third grade, we did part of FLL 3, and she seemed to really enjoy it--I didn't make her memorize every list of conjunctions or whatever, but it got so repetitive..and then we moved stuff around and started working on Latina Christiana from Memoria Press.  Latin was my favorite subject to teach, and my daughter really enjoyed it and worked hard on it and did quite well.  I've been looking a lot at MCT and reading tons of reviews on it, too.  I like the whole program and the in depth analysis you get into, but I am hesitant on the cost and the whole premise that you cannot write without explicit training in grammar--I've also heard that the upper levels get quite confusing and pile up with minutiae.   

So for fourth grade, i see our options as
1. FLL 3 
2. Latina Christiana plus the simple grammar program from Memoria Press
3. MCT (whole progam)

I will only have time to teach Latin if we do option two; I don't think I can swing FLL, All About spelling, Latin, literature, and a lot of writing (we follow WTM for creating our own writing) for a whole LA program.  Maybe I could, but FLL + Latin seems a bit overkill, too, for this kid who is intuitive with English (though not with spelling lol).  I certainly can't do/ don't want to do MCT and Latin.  

I am leaning to LC + MP Grammar recitation program, but any thoughts and ideas are appreciated!

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I used FLL with my kids. DS10 finished level 4 last year and DD8 is almost done with level 3. They also just finished Latina Christiana together.

I'm glad they had FLL first, then Latin. FLL is both thorough and gentle. I feel the MP "Latin to learn grammar" teaches on a need to know basis only. I have First Form with EGR 2 lined up for next year, and after flipping through it all, I feel like both will be easier and make more sense having done FLL.

FWIW, I attempted Grammar for the Well Trained Mind with DS10 this year, but dropped it. Too much too fast. I look forward to trying FFL with EGR2.

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