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Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

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3 hours ago, Margaret in CO said:

Well, that was exciting! Rule #1 of ranching--when you see an animal in a weird place, check it out. We had cow right by the ditch at 10:30, but we didn't go check on her. I got busy turning masks and didn't go out again until 0200. Well, the reason she was down there was the fact that her newborn calf was stuck in the mud, right on the ditchbank of a 4' deep raging ditch. I couldn't get the calf up--good 90#. I hated to drag dd out of bed, but I needed help. I WISH dh would rebuild that fence!!! Dd lifted her and mom held off on killing dd, and we moved them up into the pasture. We have GOT to rebuild that fence! And move the SIX calves we have now in this pasture. 

Glad that turned out well.  

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Good morning!

~make bread

~make french toast out of rest of old loaf of bread


~watch pastor's online service

~cut up fruits and veggies for juicing

~make sweet potatoes in instant pot

~either walk or rebound

~it's raining right now, but if it clears up I'll sit outside and read

~dinner - leftover lo mein with sweet potatoes

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Good morning!

  • put away laundry
  • vacuum upstairs
  • roast squash
  • make cinnamon apple oatmeal crumble
  • order pots for growing plants on the deck
  • make a pot of decaf for iced coffee
  • place order with Stateline Tack
  • thrush treatment for Snorri
  • plan my week
  • dinner: veggie fried rice with crispy tofu
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Good morning! 

  • Worship with friends in Zoom.  lovely! excellent sermon and music too. How Firm a Foundation...
  • Read
  • Think about Mother's Day gifts. 
  • Walk
  • Dinner is taco salad. 


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Good morning! Cool and wet this morning after thunderstorms and a suprising downpour- washed away some seedling- so I guess, I will try again. Not too much going on- some kids studying, other kids hanging out.

  • coffee/paper
  • check calendar/bills
  • time in the garden/weed
  • read a little
  • keep up with laundry- started a load
  • keep up with cleaning

Have a great day!

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Good morning!  Both dh and I are really tired today-- with me, I think it is overdoing it yesterday--- I worked all day baking and making food and mask and making plans and then went to dd1 and dsil house for a outside family gathering.  We got there 5:15 pm and I was already quite tired.  Then we stayed longer than I wanted--- and I was in no mood or had enough energy to argue why I needed to go home.  I did tell dd2 and my dh this morning that when I say I want to go home, I really mean it.  I don't want to have a medical discussion-but I was designated driver for dh and I got home, forgot bedtime med- woke up at midnight to take that, had a super hard time with sleeping and breathing last night and am exhausted today even with 40mg prednisone.


  • breakfast, meds- dh made coffee
  • got car ready for detailing 
  • church 
  • cleaned kitchen floor at least partway
  • ordered lunch 

To do

  • watch another service
  • take care of my health
  • take care of dh\s health
  • Amazon order
  • Whole Foods order
  • maybe work on mask
  • trip planning
  • order dinner
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I've spent most of this beautiful day outside doing horse things.

Ordered pots for the deck

Ordered tomato, pepper, and cilantro plants from an Etsy seller

Ordered a few grocery items

Did two loads of laundry

Two cinnamon apple oatmeal crumbles are in the oven

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Finished a book.
Baked bread
Made taco meat and beans for dinner. 
Talked to mom.
Ordered stuff mom needs from Amazon. 
Updated an AHG list
Helped dh take the tent down quickly bc it is about to rain.

Eta: T-storm with hail just blew down upon us. Abating a bit, but this is just the beginning of the front. Power is out. Glad the cooked parts of dinner are done! 

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Ds2 had a bike crash- all scraped up- but nothing broken- bones, bike or phone. He is super tough and always wears his helmet. Still, falling is no fun.

Dh and ds3 are doing the shopping. 

The girls are relaxing after a day of lounging in the sun, studying and yoga.

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Power is still out all over town. Over 130K people.

We took a short walk and helped a neighbor fix a blown-down mailbox when the weather cleared a bit after dinner. More rain coming tonight. We are hearing many, many sirens tonight.😟

Dh is playing hymns on his mandolin. I played cards with kids for a while, but am going to read now. The house smells like beeswax and the dancing, golden light is pretty. 

I guess we will all wake up when the lights and machines all come back on. Hope that's not in the middle of the night! 

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