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I stumbled on an old post on how to schedule SU:  see below very helpful!  I'll post question is did you all do all the pages and problems?  I have been doing it more by concept based and my son has really caught on and flying through the first book mostly done and he is only finishing 3rd grade this year.  I don't want to bore the child but I also know the importance of review.  Whoever has used this text for your kids how did you go about it and how did it work for your kids?  Thanks so much!

Book One is for grades 3 and 4.

Ch. 1 is a concise review of Grade 2.

Ch. 2 is for grade 3 first half.

Ch. 3 is for grade 3 second half.

Ch. 4 is for grade 4 first half.

Ch. 5 is for grade 4 second half.

Book Two is for grades 5 and 6, but many schools would have delayed percents until Grade 7, or fell "behind" even earlier than that.

Ch. 1 is for grade 5 first half

Ch. 2 is for grade 5 second half

Ch. 3 is for grade 6 first half

Ch. 4 is for grade 6 second half.


Book 3 is for grades 7 and 8, but many schools would have still been finishing up Book 2 for grade 7, especially if they delayed percents until 7th grade. Book 3 is mini chapters instead of large chapters. Schools would have had very individual ideas about which chapters to complete and skip.




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I started in 1st, worked at the child's pace and skipped what obviously could be skipped. It wasn't so much an "I don't think we need this chapter" but more of "Wow, you've got this so let's move on." I mostly skipped lessons, not chapters.

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