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Who's going to tackle Saturday with me?

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I am sorry Margaret, about all your plans being cancelled.  We (mostly me) are planning our long vacation in September and while we weren't planning to go to festivals, etc., one thing I still would like to do is the Deadwood, SD street fight/trial theater thing they have.  But it will be okay if we miss it.  I do hope we can still do horse rides.

Done:     Coffee made, dough for a Brioche Chocolat rising, and some meds taken

To do

  • breakfast, meds (done)
  • iron, assemble and sew masks 
  • plan some basics of long trip (done)
  • go to Home Depot or Lowes and get new toilet seat,sponges, and some more plants
  • make salad
  • bake cookies (done)
  • bake another bread (done)
  • go to picnic 
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Good Morning!

~make morning juice

~help ds spot clean hamster cage

~wash shower curtain liners

~bike ride with ds


~smoothie for lunch

~watch a pastor I've been enjoying on youtube - JD Farag if anyone's interested

~relax and read outside

~veggie lo mein and tofu for dinner

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Good morning! 

Spectacular spring day here! About to make coffee and go outside to enjoy the sunshine. Mourning doves fluttering by my window right now, building a nest in the vines over our desk. I've checked my blood sugar and ordered patches for the girls who camped last night.

Farmers' market - I did my order online, so just a quick pick up.
Check Geometry
Remind Ds to do things
Call mom

Walk! I'd like to head out to a park, but I am afraid the lovely weather will draw crowds. 

Dinner is chx stir fry. 


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Good morning! It will be a cool-ish day today with some storms this afternoon, I think. Not much is on the schedule for today- ds2 has loads of work for next week. 

  • coffee/paper
  • general clean up
  • some time in garden- might move some seedlings into planters
  • maybe some time in sewing room-have a few things to do- waiting on some fabric right now
  • read
  • grocery store- I think

Have a great day!

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  • 30 min. cleaning/organizing the attic
  • 30 min. cleaning/organizing my home office space and living room
  • more thank you cards to write
  • hang some pictures/decor with DH's help

Kind of upset that I ordered a bunch of those personalized canvas saying and some family portraits right before our toddler got here.  I would love to have had his name on them as well and him in the photos.

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Good morning!

It is a perfect spring morning here, and supposed to be in the 70s today!

Scout, mourning doves are my favorites. We have a pair of sparrows trying to build a nest on the shelves in our garage, which isn't the smartest plan because our garage doors are kept closed most of the day. Every time they're opened, even if only for a minute, here come the birds with mouthfuls of twigs and hay. Silly things.

  • organize tack room, get it swept out, and figure out what supplies need replenishing
  • do a thrush treatment (only one hoof on one horse, so not too bad)
  • make a menu plan - lots of perishable food that needs to be used up
  • relax
  • dinner: salad and gnocchi with garlicky roasted mushrooms and broccoli - mango nice cream for dessert
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Oh, what a beautiful morning!

Already ran out for ribs, thinking early would be best choice.  Planning a special meal for all of us tomorrow. Did some research for a newbie homeschooler friend

  • Catboxes/birds
  • 2 masks - DH & DS go back to offices next week where they are required.  I've given all of my masks to the local hospital.  The fam's masks are being made from super soft crib sheet cotton.  
  • Kitchen - Super tidy & wiped, vacuum & mop
  • Living Room - Super Tidy, dust & vacuum
  • Make cheese/nut tray for Saturday date night
  • Dinner???  Leftover/clean out fridge night, I imagine!

I sure hope to get outside to soak up this warmth - expected to be high 70s today!


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I did all my weekend cleaning chores yesterday to have time to make masks (for donation) today. I've got ~15 all cut out ready to sew. Also today:

  • make homemade ice cream (mix chilled overnight, just need to run the machine)
  • make brownies
  • get black bean soup going in the crockpot (I don't know why this gets listed AFTER dessert 🙂. And notice it's nice and healthy to pair with brownies a la mode)
  • do all the daily care for disabled dd.

We have a nice rainy day today. Good for sewing.

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Get outside this afternoon! I haven't been anywhere in sooooo long. We're having one of our first nice days and the weather is expected to get cold and rainy again for the next week or two. The parks with hiking trails are open, so we're going to try to find one that isn't too busy and take a short hike. Of course my knee is hurting today (old injury), but that's not going to stop me! If I do that, I'll feel accomplished today.

My aunt that I don't really ever see sent our family masks she made at the request of my mom. I need to send her a thank you note today too.

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Adding to my list:
AHG online trainings Did two, but one isn't showing up as done. Argh!
Work on meeting agenda
Emails to leaders and parents
Print new menu calendar

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It's 85 degrees here today. Turned the AC on for a few minutes to cool the house. Waiting til later to walk. 
Dinner is prepped

The house is a wreck. Messy and not cleaned, though Dh did vacuum. Sigh. I hate a messy house. Not restful. 

Tidy and pick up! Make kids do some too. 

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