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DD will be in 7th grade.  She will have completed Getting Started with Latin and Keep Going with Latin.    She is motivated and doesn't find Latin very difficult but she has ADHD so spending an hour on Latin a day probably isn't going to work for her.  She typically finishes her one word and 10 sentences/groups of sentences in about 15 to 30 minutes.  She's really mostly teaching herself but I will throw in some extra exercises and enrichment materials to help her really learn the material (like we learned how to decline nouns but she wasn't doing it when we translated from English to Latin).   I do not know any Latin and am self teaching with Wheelocks.  Its apparent to me that I do not have time to teach myself Latin and teach her.  I just can't retain in the amount of time I have to study in a week.  I promised I would look for a class for her but everything I am finding is for high school and takes an hour a day or more of work per day.  What we need is a self-paced class requiring about 30-45 min per day.  She would prefer something literature based like Ecce Romani as opposed to grammar rules based but I feel like she really needs the rules spelled out (not repetitively, but she shouldn't have to figure it out herself).  Is there anything like that out there?  Or if not an online class, a solid middle school curriculum that would spell it out so I don't have to learn the Latin really well myself before I teach her?


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Memoria Press isn’t going to be anything like Ecci Romani, but I think a class covering first form would be a great introduction to Latin for both of you.  It isn’t going to cover anywhere near the content of Wheelock, but it is very good at really showing the basics of how Latin works.  My kids have never done a class until third form, but that was about the time they hit 7th/8th grade.  I don’t think my kids were ready much younger than that for a class.  I will say the Memoria Press Online classes are generally an hour and a half and are live (not self paced), but the teacher doesn’t see them so they could move around a bit.  The videos are also posted after class so if she couldn’t focus that long, you can always watch the end at a different time.  First form will have a grammar concept to memorize (present tense endings for example), a latin saying, 10-15 vocabulary words that will use that grammar concept, and typically 4 worksheets for the week.  It also isn’t a huge undertaking for a seventh grader to get the videos and complete the material independently.

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DD11 went through Getting Started with Latin, then this year moved to CLRC's Intermediate Latin I. The first semester was largely review, but I didn't mind because it was also her first "real" class for a non-mom teacher, and her first online class.  I wanted her to have space to get used to the format and not have to worry about tons of new material right away. CLRC uses the Oxford Latin text. It definitely teaches grammar, but also has a good bit of translation work, lots of illustrations, little stories and cartoons. My DD preferred the "look" of the text over MP's. The workload was very manageable. I would estimate she spent between 20-45 minutes per day on it. (The 40 minute days were days when the homework was uploaded late or she procrastinated so that she did multiple days work in one day.)

If you have questions, you could email Anne Van Fossen (who runs CLRC) - she was very responsive and very helpful when I contacted her last year about which level would be appropriate for my DD. 

DD hasn't decided whether she wants to continue with Latin (she's also studying another language, so I'm not forcing her to continue), but if she does, we will continue with CLRC.

I will say that we did have some issues with DD's teacher - he didn't communicate clearly with the students or parents, and homework was sometimes uploaded late. However, I don't see him listed as teaching any classes there next year. 

hope that helps!

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Here is more information from my email exchange (last year) with Anne van Fossen about CLRC's Latin program, in case it is helpful for you. 

"The Intermediate Latin 1 class is 1.5 hours of class time with about 30 minutes of homework on 4 different days during the week — so 1.5 hours class time and about 2 hours of homework for an approximate total of 3.5 hours a week.

After Intermediate Latin, the students are ready to move directly into High School Latin 2.  It’s actually possible to move into High School Latin 2 after Intermediate Latin 2 if students are ready for more of a challenge at that point.  You’ll find a chart outlining several possible paths through our Latin program on our Latin home page here:  http://www.clrconline.com/latin/   Click the brown button after the first paragraph.

The Oxford Latin Course is strongly grammar based.  In fact, more grammar is taught in the OCL than in the Memoria Press ‘Forms’ books.  If you’d like to talk about that in more detail just let me know."


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Seconding CLRC's Latin program. Contact Anne Van Fossen directly if you have questions. She is excellent! 
We preferred her to the other teacher we've had there, but they were both good. 

My dd is finishing Latin 2 with CLRC.
The Oxford text is balanced, not falling off the scale on either the parts-to-whole or the whole-to-parts end. 

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