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SS Survivor Benefits past 18


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Does anyone here have experience requesting their child’s Social Security survivors benefits to continue after 18?  Everything I read sounds like it’s hit or miss for homeschoolers.  I was curious if anyone had experience.  Also, when it’s discontinued, how does that affect the amount our family receives?  


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Mainly a miss here, but it was also a miss for a public school kid. I have had only had one child approved to continue benefits past 18 and I have filled out the paperwork for all of them. I appealed for a couple, but all that did was exasperate me. (I was absolutely shocked at how wrong the process was about homeschooling.) For the one that was approved, I received a letter saying child was denied, however, then I received a letter within a week saying it would be extended. When I received that denial letter, I wrote a letter to my senator asking for help, but I received the extension letter before I sent my letter.

The good news is that Social Security for the remaining children (and you) is recalculated when one drops off, and the total money received monthly is about the same. I don't know why it is not exactly the same, but it has not been in my experience. 

I'm sorry for your loss. I hope the process to continue your child's benefits to graduation is a hit rather than a miss.

P.S. I realize I may have read your question wrong. The requesting of continuation of benefits is easy. Social security sends a set of forms a month/couple of months before the child turns 18. The parent is to fill out part of form and the school is to fill out the rest. (It might be separate forms, but I can't remember clearly even though I did it recently.) As a homeschooler, you fill out the whole form (both forms). It will be obvious. Basically, the form wants to know how many hours a week the child attends school and when he/she will graduate from high school.  Make sure you fill everything out and proof it. I messed up something small on my public school kid who was denied; I never heard anything back on the appeal from that one. 

I understand you can take the forms to your local social security office and ask for assistance filling it out.




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Thanks! Your response was very helpful!  I just got the letter today and was wondering if I should fill it out.  I guess I should take the chance.  She turns 18 this summer, but does not have all the credits she needs.  😩

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