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Latin for 2e

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DD is a probably EG (haven't done formal testing) with dysgraphia/ADHD age 12.  Self studying Latin mostly from Keep Going With Latin after Getting Started with Latin.  Trying to figure out where to go next.  She's very good with vocabulary and is currently using Word within the Word (slowly because its SO DRY), but the grammar part she's not so into (she could be good at it but the way they present it in GSWL is not the most engaging).    However, her attention span and current courseload for next year is going to keep her from doing anything that requires more than about half and hour of work daily.  And I really can't keep up with 2 foreign languages (Chinese is our other one).  She took the PSAT 8/9 and has scores that will get her into NUMATS but the amount of work is too much.  So...any other online courses out there probably for middle or high schoolers that you think might work?   I'm having trouble even hunting down this information--I've never had my kids take online classes before.

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