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Math Suggestions for 12th grade "non math lover"

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Next year my daughter will be a senior.  She's taken Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry.  I'm looking for suggestions for her.  I know typically one would move to precalculus or trigonometry, but I don't think it's a right fit for her.  She is NOT a "math person".  Completing each year of high school math has been VERY difficult - and I'm not confident that any of the math concepts she should have learned so far have even sunk in - she just does it to get it done.  She is planning on going to college and majoring in English.  I'm considering doing something practical like consumer math or stewardship.  OR Is there anything out there that kind of does a "review high school" kind of thing?  Any recommendations?

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If she's college bound for any sort of selective school, that's certainly going to look better on the transcript than consumer math. But there are certainly consumer math courses out there and if you feel she could get more out of it, that's something to consider.

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I would look at the university(s) she is wanting to attend and see what their math requirements are for English majors.  Then I would plan that last math class accordingly.

For instance, I believe College Algebra would be required of English majors at my dd's school, and so she would have at least needed to get through Mathusee PreCalculus to not have to take any remedial math and to just take the one College Algebra.

Another for instance, my dd was going into Nursing and would need to be "College Algebra" ready (with an adequate math score on her SATs, which she got by getting through much of MUS PreCal before her SATs) but her required math was Statistics.  So I added a Statistics class to our homeschool so she would at least have some familiarity with it before college.


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We are discussing the same issue with my rising senior. She is wanting to pursue Early Childhood Education and will need at least Quantitative Literacy (taken at CC) to fulfill her AA in Applied Science degree in ECEdu. I would check with the college she is wanting to attend to see what math credit is transferable. At our CC through dual enrollment, Quantitative Literacy counts as a 4th math in the college transfer AA pathway. 

Mr. D has a Consumer Math self-paced class available that looks pretty good. My senior will be taking this as her 4th math and hopefully Quantitative Literacy at CC in spring. Mr. D also has short semester summer classes for those that need to play catch up or just need review in certain areas. 


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My oldest daughter is just finishing her 3rd year of college, also pursuing an English degree.  She was just like your dd.  Consumer Math would be fine.  Your dd will take either a basic math like Math for Liberal Arts or College Algebra in college.  Both will have a ton of review of basic math for her.  She will not need Statistics.   Consumer Math will be more beneficial to her as an adult anyway.  

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