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Help me keep my children busy/engaged!

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Like most (or all?) of you, we have less activities and are at home a lot more. It’s starting to wear on my kids and we need fresh ideas.  I can’t remember if my signature is updated 🤪, but they are 13 and 10.

So what are your kids doing these days when they are finished with assigned work and chores? 

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They are 13 and 10, so get a piece of paper and pen and all in one room with snacks, have THEM PARTICIPATE in coming up with a long list of Interesting or Constructive Things To Do Around Home/Neighborhood.

Can you hit 50 items? What about 100? 150 items. Try and come up with a really long list of SPECIFIC things. Then when the kids display to you that they're bored bring out their list and they pick something to do or assign them something to do.

I discourage really vague goals like "learn a skateboard trick" and instead prefer very clear goals "Learn to do an ollie while riding my skateboard"

When a goal is clearly defined, you'll know if/when they've hit it.


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