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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

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Good morning! For now-  

  • coffee, breakfast, more meds
  • place grocery order(s)
  • get driven to lab appointment (my car is in the shop till the door seal comes in so they can keep it inside the garage and not have more soaking of my inside)
  • at some point, have dh drive me to pick up JoAnn's order
  • call various medical personnel or look online
  • mask making
  • Bible study
  • laundry
  • vacation planning
  • read May bookclub book
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Good morning! Back to Monday.

  • coffee/paper
  • check bank/bills/ emails
  • make sure everyone is working, has a place to work, and can get things done
  • when it warms up- work outside
  • laundry- sheets today
  • figure out food/workout times
  • leftover for dinner- I think

Have a great day!

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Perfect spring day here after rain last night. 

  • Get kids started on school and check work or assist as needed.
  • Make sure Ds does Scout things and remembers two meetings today. 
  • Walk!!
  • Figure out dinner. Chx thighs are thawed and we have plenty of veggies. 
  • Yardwork. Weeding for sure. Maybe weed-whack?
  • Read. 
  • Whatever else comes up.
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Good morning!

Another beautiful day here.

Already done:

  • fed & medicated horses 
  • started laundry & folded a basket
  • fed & medicated dogs & cats
  • cleaned a litter box
  • texted farrier
  • took a shower
  • made breakfast for dh
  • ordered from Amazon (vitamins) and Angelic Bakehouse (wraps) 

To do:

  • office work - figure out what needs to get done this week
  • the farrier is stopping by at some point today - not sure what time yet
  • dust & vacuum upstairs
  • pay for 3 loads of hay
  • do cheek swabs for puppies' genetic testing
  • have kids make a post office run
  • make a bowl of coleslaw
  • chop up onions to keep in freezer
  • water plants
  • dinner: vegetable pakoras with curried basmati rice
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Good morning!

So far this morning I have:
...had coffee
...had breakfast
...watched TV with DH
...uploaded my videos
...posted my stuff on the homework page
...emailed parents with the PDF files and homework page
...answered an email inquiry from a parent for next year, we will set up a Zoom meeting for this week
...got dressed (DH is rubbing off on me....such a bad influence, LOL!)

So now I still need to:
...make the Power Points for next week
...eat lunch (DH is in charge of lunch)
...figure out something for dinner using leftover steamed rice
...sew -- work on some fun projects
...order batting from Joann's so I can finish other projects
...make/cook/eat dinner
...TV? Games? Movies? Something with the family tonight

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Howdy, happy Monday!  So far so good. 

I am super glad there is a little more structure for the kids this week than last week.  I am being Militant Mama today.  They have been up into the wee hours lately, and I sent them back to bed at 3:45am this morning, reminding them that I'm waking them up at 9:30 no matter what.  (I know, that's not exactly early.)  So actually I woke them up at 10 (the first time), but still better than afternoon!


  • On the internet in the wee hours.
  • Slept OK, probably not enough but ....
  • Personal tasks so I'm ready for the day.
  • Woke the kids (more than once) and got them going - get ready for the day, breakfast, start on school work.
  • Cleaned bathroom and part of my bedroom.
  • A little reading.
  • Just finished Coffee 1.
  • Checked the kids' texts from the weekend.
  • Checked the kids' homework.  I finally learned how to check what they are supposed to do for most of their classes.
  • Filled out a school survey.
  • Caught up on emails, social media, news, calendar, and electronic school stuff.

To do:

  • Lots of client work.
  • Continue Militant Mama stuff - make the kids submit all school work, update journals, exercise, practice music, clean their mess areas, help re-home patio junk, document AHG stuff, and shower.
  • Yoga, TKD practice, walking.
  • Pay bills, update credit card info.  Still not done!
  • Drop off / pickup school work.  Apparently this will continue weekly until we are done with "school at home."
  • Clean kitchen etc.
  • Whatever else gets done.
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Cleaned the kitchen

Switched laundry - washing dog bed covers now

Ds21 and I did horse chores

Let the horses out in the pasture for a little bit

One of the gates came off a hinge and boy, was I glad ds was there to help me fix it. It is a big, heavy gate. He lifted while I pounded the hinge with a rock - we didn't have a hammer and I didn't want to run all the way up the hill to get one.

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Went through all the medical records.  This is the one area where I feel like there are so many moving parts that it's easier for my files to get messy.  Shredded a whole bunch.  I have more to shred but I have to see if the yardwaste bin (where they tell us to put shredded paper) was emptied out at the curb first. 

Now I need someone with a cattle prod to give me some incentive to get those dishes washed! 

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Washed, dried and put away dishes, knives and pans.

Wiped down counters, stove and microwave.

Have stove cleaner doing it's thing on the stovetop.

Am clawing my way to the top of the leaderboard of this section of Duolingo.  Once I'm in the top three it's easy to keep up there.  As long as I put the time in, that is.  I do it while I watch tv in the evenings. 

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Sorry, Jean, you will not find me with a cattle prod....I've been raiding my stash of leftover party paper plates instead of using real dishes, LOL! 

Catching up...

...had lunch 
...chatted with kiddos (my own ones, I mean..)
...took a (very brief) nap
...made a grocery list...we're at about day 14 since a grocery run, so I do not feel bad going again (I went the Monday before Easter, and we did go on Easter Sunday for milk, eggs, and Easter things) -- going to do that now
...did some of the PDF sorting for my printables for next week
...figured out HOW to compile the "review project" for K for next week
...decided on dinner for tonight, took out the meat that was needed

When back from the grocery, will:
...make the review project packet
...finish the PDFs and Power Points

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We replaced ds' small, broken-down dresser today with a decent one off CL. Thoroughly wiped down, of course. That led to some general tidying of his room. Culled some Lego while he was busy with school. 

Called the sherrif's office to schedule large item pick-up for the dresser and our dead dishwasher.
Cleared my inbox.
Did some YNAB things
Walked with the dog for about 40 minutes.
Had lunch/snack

Next up:
figure out dinner  Dinner is pan glazed chx thighs, mashed cauliflower with herbed goat cheese, asparagus, and green salad. 
sit in the sun and read my magazine that came today
check in with kids 


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41 minutes ago, Jean in Newcastle said:

I am really ticked off.  I ordered my brand of liquid hand soap through Amazon because I can't find any in the stores.  I had to get a weird "flavor" (what would be the word for hand soap?) but at least it was hand soap.  What they sent me was Dawn dish soap. 

Contact them; Amazon is so good with returns, exchanges, etc. Hopefully it gets to you soon. I'm sorry they messed it up. 

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Home from errands. It was less stressful today than normal/last time -- I have not done a full grocery shop in 2 weeks. I went midday this time, which was way less crowded than when I've gone in the early morning. So, that was a plus, and I'll be doing that from now on. Also, more people had masks than not, so that was good. And were more respectful of staying back, giving everyone space, etc. So, good. 

Home and put everything away. 

Found an indoor plant, online, that we'll probably order for curbside (from our local nursery) for middle DS who wants a plant for his room. 

Having a snack and working on finishing school stuff. 

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32 minutes ago, TheReader said:

ugh; I hope they contact you soon & make it right. 

We have had multiple Amazon error lately, mostly shipping destination (here instead of to my mom) or an item's color. Lots of crazy packaging too, though we occasionally get that in normal times. 

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Finished the stuff for K. Well, I need to figure out science, but we're done....I need to find/pick a "just for fun" thing that both grades can do. 

But, Lang Arts, Math, and History are all set for them. Will tackle first grade stuff tomorrow; going to go do some fun sewing stuff now. 

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It feels like the afternoon got away from me and I did not accomplish as much as I wanted to...

I did some work in the kitchen - chopped up cabbage and onions for coleslaw, but still have to finish it. I had several bags of onions in my pantry and I chopped a bunch of them up and put them in the freezer.

Then the farrier showed up. Butterscotch did not have much patience for having his sore foot poked and prodded, and it didn't help that we are having 50mph wind gusts and he hates the wind. But the farrier did get a good look at everything and thinks that it is right on the verge of bursting, so we just have to continue being patient. If worse comes to worse and it does not pop soon, I can have the vet lance the swollen heel - but I am hoping to avoid that.

I switched laundry again and read over a couple work documents.

One of the kids took the mail for me. Oh, and we got our water softener salt delivery.

Now it is time to feed the horses and get dinner started.

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