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Who’s going to tackle Sunday with me?

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I got to sleep in🎉🎉DH got up with dog who thinks he has to have his breakfast at 6:30am every morning.

Coffee and yogurt 

Morning walk

Watch our church service online while drinking 2nd cup of coffee

Take dog for a walk because it’s sunny out and rain coming back in tomorrow 


Leftovers for dinner or we’ll order out and pick up curbside

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Good morning! dd1 made it home yesterday- she is in pretty good spirits- she made her first choice journal. And her internship was moved to remote work for the first two weeks- and then they will see. It was unpaid anyway- so at least she will get experience. Many of her classmates have had their internships (paid and unpaid) cancelled- so she feels pretty lucky.  We are just going to have to arrange how everyone will work from this very small house.

  • coffee/paper
  • probably some clean-up and storing of people's things
  • more snow should melt today- but it will not be gone until tomorrow, I think
  • laundry- started
  • read a little
  • not sure what else

Have a great day!

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Good morning! It's sunny and cool. I have coffee, and bacon is in the oven.

Jen, glad your law student made it home and has an internship. 

Worship with church friends in  Zoom.  

Maybe later, rewatch last week's homily bc I have been thinking about it all week.

Some prep cooking? Maybe get dd started on some baking.  

Walk, for sure.  

Read for my class. 

See if I can get my Close Reads Patreon login to work. 

Have kids call my mom.

Write some notes to be mailed tomorrow.  

Figure out dinner. Leftovers probably. Using up what we have.  



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Good morning!

  • declutter kitchen counters & dining room hutch
  • order a couple things - raisins and Mrs. Meyer's cleaner
  • finish organizing freezers
  • plan my week & what we will eat
  • research a couple horse things
  • clean mudroom & empty garbage can
  • fill dog food bins
  • dinner: the lentil soup that I didn't make last night
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22 minutes ago, Margaret in CO said:

Calf made it through a snowstorm! It started snowing after I went to bed. She's up and nursed and the snow has melted. Dd will do a DNA test later to get her registered. 

Margaret, where do you get your DNA testing done?

I had our grade horses tested through Texas A & M Animal Genetics Lab, just for fun. Some of the results were pretty interesting. One of ds21's horses came back as QH & Selle Francais - which is a breed I knew nothing about, but looked it up and sure enough, he is the spitting image of a Selle Francais. Pretty cool! And then we found out that our paint, who we always suspected was part draft because he is so heavy built and has a huge head, has no draft in him at all.🙂

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Happy Sunday!

It's almost 3pm so I'm getting a super late start.  My kids and I watched The Phantom of the Opera starting super late at night, and then I was up watching the BTS online concert for hours.  The sun had been up for a while when I went to bed.  I am as bad as a teenager it seems.

So do I still have plans for today?  My kids are still asleep, or pretending to be (they have their electronics, so they could just be avoiding Slave Driver Mom ....).


  • Arts education with my kids.  (That's what I'm calling the Phantom.  Fight me.)
  • Personal arts education.  (That's what I'm calling BTS.)
  • Enough sleep I guess.
  • Some work discussions.
  • Caught up on emails, news, social media, calendar, and electronic school stuff.
  • Working on coffee 2.

To do:

  • Client work.
  • Make the kids get online and check their "classrooms."  I know there is at least one thing posted on there that is due Tuesday, and I want fair warning.
  • Online church with the kids.
  • AHG planning, documentation, and badge work.
  • Clear the patio (with the kids), as we will have workers out there this week.  There is a lot of stuff that needs to be moved into our garage or somewhere.
  • Make the kids clean their mess areas, practice instruments, exercise.
  • Catch up on laundry & housework.
  • Pay bills, update credit card info.
  • Yoga, TKD practice, walking.
  • A little reading.
  • Whatever else gets done.
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We're having perfect, gorgeous spring weather today. Have been outside doing horse things for most of the day. I opened up the back pasture for the first time and let them graze for half an hour or so, then made them come back up. They've been on a dry lot all winter and need to ease into the rich spring grass. Soaked Butterscotch's foot again. Yes, the never-ending abscess saga is still ongoing. It has drained as much as it can out the bottom of the hoof and now it needs to drain out the heel. The heel is swollen and we are soaking it to soften it up so it will burst. No luck yet...

Ordered raisins, walnuts, cashews, Mrs. Meyer's, vitamins, and allergy meds.

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Helped ds with some email chores and reminded him to do the prep for tomorrow night's mb class. Personal Fitness seems like a good choice for a bored preteen right now! 

Ordered fitbits (for ds and me) and a jump rope from Amazon. 

Dh and I visited with a neighbor on our walk. 

Kids are enjoying the sculpey clay I ordered for them! Mermaids, animals and small warriors cover our school table this afternoon! 



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Made chili for dinner even though it will probably kill my bloodsugars.

Had a long walk.  Juliet was a very very bad neighbor and growled and barked at a neighbor who came out to chat.  She enforces social distancing very strictly! 

I finished filling the yard waste bin which will be picked up tomorrow by cutting up some pine branches that have been sitting at the side of the yard for way too long. 

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