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Spelling/phonics after LOE Foundations D


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My 1st grader will be finishing up LOE D. I don't do every single thing they suggest, but I am glad we are using it. She remembers everything and catches on quickly. 

I'd like to find an open and go, "git 'er done" spelling program for next year. I like Rod and Staff a lot. However, the 2nd grade spelling looks easy compared to the words she is spelling in LOE. I would just go up a level, but that gets tricky because I will have a 4th grader using the 4th grade book and I'd like for him to NOT realize that little sister is catching up to him. 

We used Spelling Workout one year and liked it well enough. The levels are labeled by letters not grade numbers, which is a bonus. 

What other good options do I have?

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We have moved to Apples & Pears after LOE.  I just have them take the placement test and place them there.  For us, we waited a year or so before starting formal Spelling lessons so they weren't as adept at using what they had learned in LOE.  And Apples & Pears combines letters slightly differently but it's not too much of a problem around here.  The kids like it, it gets done and that's all that counts, right?! 🙂

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