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Anyone use CBD for ADHD?

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Looking for experiences using CBD for adult ADHD. I've read that it really helps some people and then some people say it doesn't help them at all. Just curious if anyone has used CBD and what your experience has been. No ADHD meds work for my husband, he's tried all of them. Just looking for other options. 

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My daughter has tried all of the meds, and for each there are side effects that make taking them unbearable.  Unfortunately, CBD oil did nothing for her ADHD.  We were hopeful.  I hope you have better luck and that he finds something to help. 

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I tried it for OCD. It didn't help the OCD, but actually I did feel like I had a little more energy and was a little more focused. I would compare it to the effect of a cup of coffee. A very expensive cup of coffee. 😉 

If you want to try it, I highly, highly recommend this company: 


Their policy (at the time I bought mine) was to refund payment for even a partially used bottle if it doesn't work for you. 

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