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Free Webinars from Excellence Through Classics: Latin, Greek, Mythology etc.

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there is one related to April Fool's Day tomorrow (8:00 AM PST) ... You need to register to participate, though.


4/1/20  12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST

April Fool's Day - Pranks and Jokes in Ancient Rome, with Darius Arya, a Roman archaeologist in Rome; Register here


4/2/20 2:00 - 3:00 pm EST

A Hero's Journey, a live stream session with Caroline Lawrence, author of the Roman mysteries series; Register here

N.B. Please have students read the first few chapters of The Thieves of Ostia and Time Travel Diaries. Free Sample is available in Kindle App. The tv show Roman Mysteries is also now available for viewing on Amazon Prime


4/3/20  2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST

Gaming with Magistra,  Link to game session will be posted here



3/18/20 How the Ancient Romans Lived with Darius Arya, a Roman archaeologist in Rome. Previously recorded seminars can be watched here.

3/19/20 The Odyssey, a live stream musical performance with Joe Goodkin, a modern bard; view the recorded The Odyssey session here.

3/20/20 Gaming with Mageesh, a live online gaming event using the Gimkit platform.

3/22/20 Plagues in Ancient Rome, a live stream session with Darius Arya, a Roman archaeologist in Rome. Previously recorded seminars can be watched here.

3/23/20 The Roman Soldier, a live stream session with Richard Campbell, a member of Legio XX and Roman soldier reenactor; view the recorded Roman soldier session.

3/24/20 Latin and Minecraft, a live stream session with Magister Jessie Craft, Latin teacher and Minecraft educator; view the recorded Minecraft session.

3/25/20 Life as a Kid in Ancient Rome, a live stream session with Darius Arya, a Roman archaeologist in Rome. 

3/26/20 Latin Yoga, exercise your mind and body, a live stream session with Skye Shirley, Latin educator, speaker and Classicist; view the recorded Latin Yoga session.

3/27/20 Latin and Legos, a live stream session with Anthony Gibbons, Latin teacher, and Lego educator; view the recorded Latin and Legos session.

3/29/20  The Lives of Augustus, with Darius Arya, a Roman archaeologist in Rome. Previously recorded seminars can be watched here.

3/30/20 The People of the Piso-verse, a live stream session with Lance Piantaggini, creator of the Piso-verse, a series of stories related to a Roman boy named Piso, and        author of 17 Latin novellas.

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