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Science book series for young elementary

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Since the libraries are close I’m going to get some nonfiction. Books for my little ones for their Easter baskets. When my son (17) was little we read the let’s read and find out series and the Rookie Science books. I was thinking of ordering these but wanted to check and see if there are any new series worth checking out. Thanks 

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I love the "One Small Square" books by Donald Silver.   They are just beautifully written and illustrated "living books" about different Habitats (and he also has one about the night sky).   Strong science, gently presented, with great little science activities in sidebars you can do, that encourage kids to explore the outdoors.  He has ones for environments you might have nearby, like Backyard, Woods, Cactus Desert, Pond...and also ones like Artic, African Savannah, Tropical Rainforest, Coral Reef.

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Love those Let's Read and Find Out About Science Books!

More good ones for that age:
children's science books by Gail Gibbons
- One Small Square books
- Magic School Bus books by Joanna Cole
Seymour Simons books
- National Geographic Kids readers 
- Scholastic True Books readers


And for easy to do science hands-on, using things you really do have around the house:
365 Simple Experiments with Everyday Materials
365 More Simple Experiments... 

On each page you have one activity and the explanation of "why". Most of the hands-on activities only take about 5-10 minutes, so you can do 2, maybe even 3, hands-on activities in 20-30 minutes -- and easily match them up with your Let's Read and Find Out books or other science books. 😉 

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My DS is really into the Magic School Bus picture & chapter books - he’s loved them for a solid year now & they’ve been around so long that it’s easy to find them secondhand, so we have quite the collection! 

We’ve also enjoyed the Let’s Read & Find Out series and the Usborne See Inside series. 

Human Body Theatre is a great stand-alone.

The One Small Square series & the “_____ Anatomy” series by Julia Rothman are both beautiful, but we haven’t found a great way to use them yet. DS doesn’t have much patience with nature-study type activities. 

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