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I am a retired homeschooler who has gone back to work. My coworker is concerned about her 2nd grade daughter’s reading levels.

Specifically, my coworker says her daughter has trouble recognizing different forms of a word. My guess is that the public school is not teaching phonics, which I think would help skills like that.

Schools in our state are now closed. With all the turmoil, I’m suggesting to my coworker that an online phonics game might be the most palatable way to improve skills.

What say ye, hive mind? Am I on the right track? What are the best online phonics games?

I’ve been out of the loop for a long time. I’d appreciate your wisdom.


WTMCassandra (a blast from the past)


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So, at my child's school we have something called Lexia which has really helped my child.  It MAY be something offered through the schools at this time so I'd consider it.

What I used in my homeschool, when we were homeschooling, was   Since she's in 2nd grade she'd probably want to start her at the intermediate level.   It's printable, not online, but it's free and super simple to use   (well, you can use it on a tablet, but I think its better printed).   You just read the short lessons to your child, and then you read short funny phonics poems together (they are color coded so your child reads some and you read some). 

Starfall is good for beggining, but I've not tried it with older kids. 

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