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covid19 memes


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3 hours ago, Meriwether said:

What would people expect to happen when most businesses are closed?

yeah.  it's going to go to those with an online presence that people can access, and don't have to pay an outrageous amount for shipping.


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3 hours ago, Moonhawk said:


except Ballmer killed the windows phone.   smh.

there are reasons the stock price went UP when it was announced he (Ballmer) was leaving - even though it was unknown who would replace him.

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5 minutes ago, theelfqueen said:


to be fair - they also keep contradicting themselves.   tests aren't reliable. - you must have two negatives in a row.  no, you're ok after one negative.  It's very frustrating.  I've dealt with some of those who "rejects" masks, but if you look at what has actually been released by medical personnel - there's contradiction.  it's not-aersol.  it is aerosol, it will live on surfaces for two hours.  no three hours.  no six hours.   droplets will only go six feet -  no droplets can go twelve feet.     it's safe to fly on a plane if they don't put anyone in the middle seat - on what is a metal cylinder with constantly recirculated air.
all the contradictions are never going to make people who dont' trust the government - trust the government.


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9 minutes ago, wilrunner said:

I never thought about it that way. What a sobering thought. 


I spent some of my early “formative years” being the child of doctors doing overseas aid work in a place that looked a lot like that, though more hilly.  No running water.  And much of the water there was was contaminated with sewage.  Kids got food and other stuff by going through garbage dumps.  I always think of that sort of thing, even when it isn’t conscious.   I guess it’s like many people who grew up in the Depression always think of that even when it isn’t conscious. 


Let’s have more uplift though— where’s that Dalmatian? 

On 5/26/2020 at 8:28 PM, gardenmom5 said:



dog with markers.jpg




The tuna and pickles cone pic, led to me eating salmon with pickles last night. (I had my scoop in a bowl, no cone.)  😋

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On 5/29/2020 at 11:02 AM, Pen said:


Guilty here! but so in a sense are u, no? LOL - like the “virus is us” essay? 

No, although I love a good laugh more than most. I'm not guilty this time around. My "virus is us" essay was written as a reaction to all the eco-fascists who kept posting about how wonderful this pandemic has been. There were no memes yet. I wrote my essay and then a few days later I started with the memes. Also, I never responded to any of their posts, since I seldom like to get into disagreements with friends on Facebook. They can post what they want on their walls and I can do the same. Arguing and too much back-and-forth serves no purpose. 

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On 5/29/2020 at 7:42 AM, sassenach said:


I was feeling this way as soon as things started.  I was coughing from my pneumonia into the beginning of April (which is better than last time.  I coughed for five months.).

every time I had to go somewhere and coughed . . . "I'm recovering from pneumonia"

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