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Algebra Textbook for Younger Students

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On 4/18/2020 at 9:12 PM, mathmarm said:

If you're comfortable, please do! I think it's utterly precious to see kids stuff.

On 4/18/2020 at 9:26 PM, square_25 said:

If you don't mind sharing, I'd love to see! 


Here ya go! For fun and because it's so cute, there's a page from BA that he did at 5y8m old... and I saved it so it was one of his nicer-looking pages. He turned those workbooks into "art," lol. I like it though because you can sort of see his thinking in his work.

There's a page of pre-algebra challenge problems I coped out for him at 6y6m as a makeshift worksheet during the transition from BA to AoPS. It looks like he lost his minus sign in one of the problems, but it was there in the original. It just didn't come through in the picture.

The next one is his handwritten work for a writing problem in Algebra A at 7y2m. This was significantly better organized than his work for a regular problem because he knew he'd need to reference this work when he typed out his full solution afterward.

The pdf is a picture of a regular short-response challenge problem he did last week in Intro to Geometry. Probably should have saved it as a photo instead of a pdf. It came out very light, sorry!

BA 3A - 5y8m.jpg

Prealgebra ch.2 - 6y6m.jpg

Algebra A wk8 - 7y2m.jpg

Geometry frustum problem - 8y4m.pdf

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My oldest did/is doing: 1. Hands on Equations (especially the Verbal Problems book),  2. AOPS Prealgebra (and Alcumus) interspersed with Zaccaro's Becoming a Problem Solving Genius when he needed

We started with AoPS pre-A at a young age.  Kiddo understood the math but paid too little attention to detail so had tons of mistakes (losing exponents and negative signs, etc) because their problems

No, I'm am old fuddy-duddy. We do all our graphing by hand. We graph on a XYZ coordinate plane that we draw on the board. We are holding off on introducing technology beyond pencil and paper for

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On 4/23/2020 at 2:29 AM, Cake and Pi said:

Here ya go!

Thank you for sharing! Your sons work is brilliant!

It's always so fun to look back over older work and see how the child has progressed!

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This month, we are beginning the proof-writing lesson in Foerster and going to be building his fluency with long-division and polynomials with home-made daily drill sheets for him to use this month as Table Work.

Jr got a tangential taste of proofs recently with the exponent properties so problems 41-70 from Lesson 3-6 in the text are especially timely. 

This month we are covering material from Ch 3 - 5, but I will be de-emphasizing the textbook to try and makesure that math remain firmly a secondary academic subject for Jr.

We started him on a writing program and that should take up more of his energy for seat work.

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2 hours ago, square_25 said:

How's he enjoying the book? Any more work to share? 🙂

He is still loving the whole textbook ritual. He loves "cuddle math", and taking notes, etc.

But I'm copying the work for this next section for him because the problems are LONG. Since these are proofs so the devil is in the details and I want him to be able to focus on 1 task at a time.

We are having technical difficulties so no work samples to share.

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I hate taking pictures of multipage work. Neatly aligned PDFs are the way to go.


When we get the scanner back online I have a stack of work to process.

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