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Who’s going to tackle Sunday with me?

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I'm back in from checking sheep and cows. I don't think I like these new white cows of dd's--they're very hard to see in the snow! The moon is SO bright--it's eerie out there. Trying to decide what new hymns I should learn this calving season. I like to work on a new one every week or so. It's SOOOOO boring walking round and round. I need new batteries for my maglight before tomorrow night. The big Akbash was waiting for me on the bridge over the big ditch. I like it when she's out there as it won't be long before the bears are out. She left to chase something off, probably coyotes. 

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To do list of today:

  • Print off GCSE math papers (anyone know where I can find some online?) 
  • Church this evening with the family. 
  • Prepare for the week ahead 

Happy Sunday everyone! 

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Good morning!

  • change clocks
  • wash my car
  • groom horses & probably brush dogs, too - everyone is shedding
  • do some kitchen work - chop onions, leeks, and celery to put in the freezer, roast asparagus
  • plan my week
  • read & relax
  • dinner: ??
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Good morning! Today is a fairly quiet day- lots of tennis for dh and ds3. And definitely time in the sun- another lovely spring day.

  • coffee/reading
  • update calendar
  • clean piano- some people are coming today to see if they want it
  • ds3 to tennis- hit with doubles partner
  • pick up and home for quick lunch
  • ds3 to tennis (team)
  • dh to his match
  • piano appointment
  • pick up ds3
  • grilled chicken for dinner (stir-fry last night)

Have a great day!

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I had a bunch of stuff to do today but a family emergency has me up since 3am and not sure how to handle it.  I am not at liberty to share at the moment, but please pray for us to have wisdom.  I am very stressed.

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Human care done

pet care done

medical care done plus  (It's ironic (?)  that the time you most need to add to a medical regimen is when you have the least energy to add to a medical regimen.

Load #1 is in the washing machine including my sweater that I wear all the time and which was probably too germy for words.  Or at least it was time to wash it anyway. 

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Happy Sunday!

Apparently it's good sleeping weather.  This weekend we all got a ton of sleep.  It is wonderful to be able to lie under the covers and not get a hot flash.  Things I used to take for granted!

I woke up early and hoped to get to Confirmation class "on time" for a change.  Ha!  Might as well just give up.

Still no work happening yet.  I must ban myself from playing 2048 (again).  I am really bad about getting addicted to games.


  • Confirmation class.
  • Church.
  • Brunch with the kids at McD's.  (Becoming a little "tradition.")
  • Made kid1 watch a video to help her with her history project.  (They have to give presentations this week and hers is on FDR.)
  • Helped with some homework and gave to-do instructions which are probably being mostly ignored.
  • A very little bit of housework and reading.
  • Caught up on news, social media, emails, calendar, and electronic school stuff.
  • Napped!

To do:

  • Lots of client work.
  • Lots of personal organization (electronic mainly).
  • At least 1 load of laundry.
  • My daily exercises.
  • Probably leftovers for dinner.
  • Make the kids finish enough homework to be ready for the week.
  • Make the kids practice their instruments.
  • Plan/prepare for tomorrow morning & plan for the week.
  • A little purging?
  • Would like to get the kids to do a little AHG work - we'll see.  Homework is more important.
  • Whatever else gets done.


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Load #2 in the washing machine 

dd and Dh went to Costco. Dh (who really needs to pay attention to the news) was shocked that there wasn’t any toilet paper on the shelves. 

Dd is now taking Juliet out which is a godsend since between my sprained ankle and whatever virus I have, she hasn’t been getting enough exercise. 

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Got a nap and a walk this afternoon. Ds got to visit with neighbors. I took kids out to eat and then we watched a little tv. Zero packing done. Restful day.


Jean, praying for your health.

Dawn, praying for you and your family in this emergency.  

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Slept off and on in between household tasks. 

Load #2 dried

Load #1 folded and put away 

Washed, dried and put away dishes, knives and pans.  

Wiped down counters and stove and microwave.

Put garbage out at the curb

put recycling out. 

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Didn't walk far as I ran into a cousin at the coffee shop and we had a lovely visit. She had me smiling after a meltdown--thank you, Karen, I needed you today!

Just checked cows and ewes. For some reason, dh didn't shut the ewes in, and it's blizzarding. 

Put in new flashlight batteries

Found training records for the SM down valley. He already has the award I was going to put him in for. 

Tomorrow I need to put in 6 more awards

still need to digitize Eagle apps and send them off to be verified, + get profile listings

wrote kids

tried to save OA election video to no avail. Called ds and no luck. Called dd and she finally figured it out. I don't even know if we'll have an election, but I need the newere video-it's better. It's on mt computer now. We don't have wifi in the church basement

talked to Scout mom--yes, I have blue cards for your ds, but I don't carry them with me! They came out later to get them. He's trying to get 2 Palms. I showed him the 3 Eagle books I currently have as he just doesn't get that everything has to be in there

Received a parental letter for the Scout up above. Printed, filed, and checked off. 


Just found this--guess I never hit submit last night!

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