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Best board games for a 4-5yo?


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My friend just had baby #3. They are all girls and they live in a small house. She is already overwhelmed with baby things so I want to give them a game. They Love games in her house. I did the same with baby #2 and she seemed very thankful for the kid friendly, but non-baby gift. It is ok for a game to be a year or so ahead of the child, they will all grow into it.  Oldest is 4, middle is 2, youngest was born in the winter.

Personality wise...They are a very sweet, fairly mellow family. Mom works and dad stays home full time. They are nature loving people. 

Last time I bought. 

The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game

Family Pastimes Granny's House. 

I know she has 

Haba Schloss Slotterstein (because I gave it to her LOL)

Any suggestions on what to give next? This is a hard age group for me, because we didn't really do much in the game category at that age. My kids were crazy energetic and weren't into sitting to play a game at that age (ADHD). 

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If they don't mind overly girly games, my girls found Pretty Pretty Princess at a thrift store and it became their favorite game. They can even play on their own if needed as there is no reading required. I even have pictures of my boys (who were under the age of 8 at the time lol) playing with them lol.

My youngest son really enjoyed Uno and Monopoly Jr at 4 or 5yo. And Mancala but you would probably need a version without tiny pieces for a household with little bitties still putting things in their mouth. 

Hi Ho Cherry-o was another hit in that preschool age group. But again you have to watch the tiny pieces with little bitties.

Crocodile Dentist,

Trouble (here's a Frozen themed one)

Buggo (such a cute game but it seems to be discontinued :-( It's from Ravensberger, maybe Ebay?)

Jenga (they make sets for little kids)

Count Your Chickens, really almost any of the games by Peaceable Kingdom 

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If you want something other than a board game, my favorite toddler gift is The Tickle Monster Laughter Kit.   It's a book about a tickle monster who, "Thinks you ought to be tickled ten times a day!" and IME it's the favorite activity for every kid under 5, and kids 8 & under love it. It comes with these ridiculous furry gloves so your hands look like the tickle monster's.  It ends in reminding the kids they are loved. It's great.

Another thing I love for those ages is puppets. 

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All our favorites have been mentioned

Haba Orchard



Snail's pace Race (be careful. There are two games and only one is the good for little kids one!)


Animal Upon Animal (my kids are 12 and 8 and STILL play this)

We also found Tsuro good with the kids from age 4 -- and yet still fun for adults.


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