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toxic family members . . . and timely excuses


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I haven't heard anything from my brother since September, when I finally expressed my exasperation to him that he really was an . . . . .  not getting any of his crazy emails was really nice.

his birthday is next week . . . . I just got an email inviting me to a birthday potluck at his house.  being so close to the epicenter of this virus - and me still in recovery from pneumonia - we're not going anywhere.  made for a great excuse to decline. I really, really, don't want to go his house.  (I did wish him a happy birthday.)


and no way did I tell him the real reason we're not going anywhere is covid19 (he's a conspiracy theorist), and our proximity to the epicenter.  (more and more things locally are getting shut down.) - and dh not wanting to risk me getting sick with anything right now.

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