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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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It looks like we can finally go back to our flat next week sometime! Yay hotel living is not for me. As nice as it is to be occasionally pampered, I strongly prefer some freedom and independence. Anyone else feel the same way?

To do list this weekend 

  • Finish off my sewing project I started yesterday. 
  • Pray
  • Read 
  • Listen to a Spotify podcast
  • Buy food for the family too
  • Sleep
  • Shower
  • Church

Have a good weekend everyone! 

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Good morning!

leahtalbot96, so glad you'll get to go back home soon!

The usuals are done. Co-op is today, and we go see dd tomorrow. Her birthday is next week, so we want to go celebrate. My dad is going to meet us in Chattanooga to go see where dd lives. 

  • meals
  • pack car for co-op and go do that for the next few hours
  • meeting after co-op to plan middle and high school classes for next year
  • pack up stuff to take to dd's 
  • take ds to a friend's house to spend the night and play D&D all day tomorrow   
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Good morning! It is sunny and cold.  The whole weekend will be rain free!!!! Yeah!!!

  • Coffee, breakfast meds
  • Shower and styling hair
  • finish packing
  • secure the house
  • go on mini vacation
  • Montgomery Museum of Art
  • Fitzgerald House to see Great Gatsby exhibition
  • check in at bed and breakfast
  • go to dinner
  • read my book(s)
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Good morning!

Drive ds to school  

Go to our house and keep working on laundry. Do bills and budget while I'm there.


More laundry and deskwork.  

Dd to church  

Pick up ds, then dd  

Pack for an overnight.  

Figure out dinner

Church Women's retreat - at a hotel. When I signed up, I had no idea that I would have been living in a hotel for the  two weeks prior! The retreat begins after dinner and goes all day tomorrow. 

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Good morning!  I have a fairly busy day today. But I have my phone back! And the water-logged one- appears to be self-healing. We will see.

  • coffee/paper
  • clean kitchen
  • ds3 up and working
  • consultation with architect
  • school with ds3
  • lunch with friend
  • get a box ready to send to ds2- his b-day is next week
  • ds3 to tennis
  • pick up ds3
  • figure out dinner

Have a great day!

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Good morning, all! 

Jean, please do keep stealing/sharing my naps! You need them! 

Leah, so glad you are able to get back home! You too, Scout (sounds like soon?)! 

My day is up in the air a little bit; I may drive DS today, or not. If not, I may ask my aunt if she needs help at my grandma's, or not. Assuming I am not driving, and not going over to help my grandma, my list will be:

...sew -- I decided yes, finish off the blocks as planned, it's only 28 more blocks. I made 20 yesterday and didn't take too long, and these will go faster b/c of not having to stop and worry about fabric placement. All the pieces are cut, etc., so no need/reason to change things up. 
...have DS15 do some of his school stuff so we aren't doing all of it next week on Spring Break
...remind DS15 to do his (new) weekly chore - he asked that it be my job to remind him, at least until this becomes routine. Fair enough. 
...laundry, which I did not do yesterday 
...maybe start playing with the new design/quilt/wall hanging/thing; the idea is nearly fully formed in my head
...leftovers for lunch
....dinner: DH wants roast carrots....figure something out to go with that
....after dinner, the boys are video gaming together (DH and the 3 boys), so I get to watch TV, so I'm saving my recorded shows until then. No matter how tempting it is to turn them on now. (I don't like to sew after 9 pm, as I start making too many mistakes....)
....anything else I'm forgetting

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Good morning! 

  • sweep haysheds
  • get a few things ready to mail
  • laundry - wash Mac's bed plus a couple other loads
  • unpack the rest of my plague-stash
  • wash/chop/roast the ton of produce in my fridge
  • make a pitcher of hibiscus tea
  • take Beauregard to vet at 2:30 for rabies shot
  • post office
  • dinner: tacos
  • try to get some reading done tonight (the book I'm working on is so good) but probably end up snoring with the book on my face within five minutes 
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Howdy!  Half of me is glad it's Friday.  The other half is wondering what I forgot to do this week.  😛

One of my biggest frustrations today is trying to get used to the keyboard and display on my "new" computer.  Especially mixing up the page-up and page-down keys!  Also I need to re-learn how to use the delete and backspace keys, which did not work on the previous computer for the past ~3 years.


  • Slept fairly normally?
  • Kids up, reviewed homework, supervised corrections, finished paperwork/check for school, kids off to school bus late.  TGIF!
  • Cleaned up the downstairs, bathrooms, and upstairs hall for the maids.  The hall was full of a million things, mainly loose books, so this is a real accomplishment.
  • I now have various boxes and bags to donate to my nieces, the kids' school, the animal shelter, and random strangers - all in my bedroom.  Sigh.
  • Caught up on laundry - last load is in the dryer.  Didn't put the kids' clothes away though.
  • Survived a stressful conference call, and sent out some work stuff.
  • Chatted with my sister who called me.
  • Directed the maids.
  • Caught up on emails, calendar, news, social media, and electronic school stuff.
  • Finished most of my exercise regimen.
  • A little reading.

To do:

  • Take donations to kids' school and hopefully to the pet shelter.  Probably take the kids with.
  • More work.
  • Whatever the kids decide to do tonight (it's my eldest's turn to pick the dinner location.  She may choose the movie theater so she can see Mulan.  Or they might go for a play date with their friend who invited them.)
  • Whatever else gets done.
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Dd and I are back from the vet and the post office.

Got a little bit of office work done.

Working on my third load of laundry.

I made a pitcher of hibiscus tea, but then accidentally poured it down the drain.🤦‍♀️Yes, it's been one of those days. I meant to pour it into another pitcher, but my mind was on a million other things and down the drain it went.

Texted with ds21, who had been very stressed because he had three big tests this week. He was worried about how two of them would go, but he got his grades back and did great on all three.

Got a hay delivery.





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Really frustrated. My ankle is still so swollen after two weeks. But when I mentioned going into my doc, dh said that there really isn’t anything that they could do besides wrapping it correctly for me. 

Plus, dd cane home and interrupted my laundry. Which isn’t a huge deal but she took out what she said was dry laundry except that when I started to put it away I discovered that it isn’t dry. Sigh. So now I have to wait until I can get to the dryer and put it all back in there. 

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