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SAT test and the Passport Card for student ID

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So I am trying to sign up ds for SAT on the Collage Board website.  You know they say that the Student ID MUST have matching information on the SAT Ticket.

My ds has a government issued Passport Card.  The picture is black/white but looks almost exactly like him in the SAT color photo I uploaded.

There are 2 problems: 1) the Passport Card does NOT list current address.  I don't why except that he is a minor.  The SAT Ticket has current address.

2) The SAT Ticket has his first name and last name, but the Passport Card has his First AND Middle name, as well as, Last name.  So do I need to change his College Board account to show Middle Initial, because it does not ask Middle Name, just asks for middle initial, so the SAT ticket shows a middle initial and that a second name exists?

OR do I get some other form of ID for SAT test day?

Anybody sent their child in the SAT with Passport Card before?

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Hello: FWIW, a U.S. Passport (the book kind, not the card kind that your DS has) DOES NOT have the residence address of the person it is for. It shows the country where they were born and it shows where it was issued. 

I am interested in this, because that's what my DD (and I) have for "RealID" and as far as I know, a valid U.S. Passport, at least the Book kind, is a valid "RealID" which will become obligatory in the USA in October 2020.

Yes, I suggest that you correct his name on the CollegeBoard.org web site, so that it includes his first name, his middle initial, and his last name, to match what is shown on the U.S. Passport card.

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My kids have used passports when they've taken the SAT, PSAT, and ACT prior to being old enough for a learner's permit or driver's license.   The passport was accepted with no issues whatsoever.   The passports do not have an address.

I do think it makes sense to update your DS's information with the College Board so that when they send his SAT scores, they match the name that will be on his college applications.   I don't think it would be an issue for test day - they just want to make sure that the name & picture of the person registered for the test is the same person who shows up for the test - but with colleges receiving tens of thousands of applications, I'd want to make sure that every detail of their SAT account matches their application data.

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