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Happy, happy, happy dance for dd!!!

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It is pretty competitive.  Around 10% of applicants are accepted.  There are multiple languages offered, each with a different number of allotted slots. FOr example, Arabic has 105 whereas Russian has 60.  (This pdf has a breakdown of languages by number of scholarships being offered. https://eca.state.gov/files/bureau/fy_19_cls_pogi.pdf )

Not all of the languages require previous study.  (Russian is one of the few that does.  It requires 2 yrs.)  It is open UGs and grad students over the age 18. The scholarship is awesome, though.  It covers all costs (which is HUGE for us.)  

This PP is a simple overview of the program and application process. 


She really wants to improve her fluency and has wanted to go abroad.  This is a major blessing for her.

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On 2/27/2020 at 6:19 PM, 8FillTheHeart said:

Dd just found she was selected for the CLS Russian program this summer! She is about to bust with joy.  She is also one of few that actually gets to go to Russia proper. 

I've been away for so long, but I am so thrilled for your daughter!!!

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As a blessing in disguise, we postponed our trip out to Berkeley until sometime this summer.  (thank you Southwest!!) Turns out that it was a good thing we did b/c of all of the health paperwork required for the trip.   Since we moved, we don't have any real connection with our drs here.  Dd has seen the rheumatologist once over Christmas break.  She has to have any specialist sign off on her ability to travel.  She called their office and they said they couldn't fit her in (which is what we were worried about the paperwork has to be returned by April 1---obviously these people have never tried to make an appt with a specialist!) They called b/c they had a cancellation!  

Dd has said multiple times she doesn't know how she would have gotten everything done if we had been gone over break like we had planned.  🙂

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